Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Scene 1
Nikhila does arti. She says thank you for returning our bliss God. Chiragh tells Aashi what was the deal? She says after so lengthy we’re here in AC. I feel significantly better, let me take in AC. Chiragh says we ought to keep things from chawl as a memory. Rajo says if it’s not too much trouble, excuse me. We stooped so low while getting the payback. Kindly figure great for ourselves and attempt to pardon us. Nikhila says we as a whole committed errors. Now is the ideal time to push forward. You don’t need to apologize. Jigar says I likewise needed to express upset for leaving the rat on you. Nikhila says you will get rebuffed without a doubt. You will call me companion dadi from now. He embraces her. Jigar embraces Gopika. Saksham says everybody is back with the exception of one. According to gopika, father? Munna comes in and expresses stressed for your father Saksham? He comes in with Sumatra. Keshap is with them. He expresses see here will be here. Everybody is glad to see Keshap. Minal embraces him. She says express gratitude toward God you’re back. Minal cries. Minal says how? He says Munna and Sumatra pulled out the case. Gopika reviews he said they need to go for something significant. However, keshap says I was off-base. I’m the guilty party of all of you. I need to apologize. Sumatra says we excuse you. How about we pardon it like an awful dream. Nikhila says how might we stay distraught at you when Sumatra pardoned you. Welcome back home. She says Saksham.. Saksham embraces Keshap. Gopika meets him as well. She expresses we’ve to fail to remember the past and consider the present. We will all live cheerfully together. They contact Keshap’s feet. Munna is leaving. Gopika says you’re leaving? He says you tracked down a decent family. What else do we need? Nikhila says stop. This is your family as well. Gopika met you and Sumatra after so lengthy. We will all live respectively in this house. Saksham says maa is correct. Munna says no we can’t live here. We’ve to go. Gopika says bhaalu bhaya. He stops. Gopika says will you leave me in the future? Kindly stop. We should remain together. He says I can never express no to you. Gopika embraces him. Nikhila says everything is great that closures well. She says thanks to God.

Scene 2
Everybody is during supper. Munna says this precious stone business I can’t deal with it. Saksham says you can take as much time as necessary and join at whatever point you feel like. He says who can do this. He says I will let Gopika know if you don’t join. Chiragh says there’s a mango enclose store that is moving. Chirgah, Keshap, and Munna accompany him. They’re frightened. They ask each other to open it. Saksham goes close to it. He attempts to open it. He tracks down a letter. Keshap says for what reason would you say you are so stunned?

Gopika serves food. Rajo says food is prepared for everybody. Every one of the men come. Gopika gives her seat to Rajo. Jigar sculptures everybody. They all sit for food. Munna requests that Jigar prepared go to all inclusive school? He says OK. Nikhila says for what reason would you say you are sending him? Rajo says he will concentrate on better there. Nikhila says make us pleased Jigar. Gopika goes in a corner and cries. Saksham inquires as to for what reason would you say you are crying? She says these are cheerful tears. I’ve never been this cheerful. My entire family is with me. All of us are together. This is a favors. He says you merit all the bliss.

Episode closes


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