Cristiano Ronaldo 1st Goal Of The Season Scored In Europa League First Time In 20 Years Man United Vs Sheriff

Ten Hage, Pinch Your Ears, Your Work Is Coming, Cristiano’s Sisters Warned; Averted Social Media: Sisters support Cristiano Ronaldo as he faces criticism and disciplinary action. Younger sister Katia Aveiro compared Manchester United coach Erik ten Haag’s treatment of Cristiano to Jesus being crucified.

Cristiano refused to come on as a substitute in the match against Tottenham Hotspur and left before the end of the match. Following this, Erik ten Haag left the player out of the match with Chelsea.


Katia’s response has come after this. ‘One who was created by God to shine before this world can do nothing with another who has not gone through the same situation as that person.

He is history today and always will be. There’s a saying in the Bible that says, ‘You crucified him with some damned men who came into your hands as part of God’s plan.’


A promise a thirteen-year-old made to his mother and siblings, he kept. Many made fun of him because of his alcoholic father and his accent flaws.

But I will always be proud to be born into the family of a great person like him,’ Katia Aveiro wrote on Instagram.

Earlier, Elma, another sister, also came out in support of Cristiano and warned Erik ten Haag. Elma’s words were that there is such a thing as karma and that God never sleeps.


Was substituted before the end of Wednesday’s match against Tottenham Hotspur
Ronaldo, who was on the bench, left the stadium.

This was in the 90th minute of the match. The referee gave four minutes of added time for the match. But Ronaldo left the tunnel without waiting for the final whistle.

Ten Haag had hinted that Ronaldo’s actions would face strict action. ‘Not today, I’ll check what’s needed and deal with it tomorrow. We are now celebrating the victory,’ Ten Haag responded to the questions of journalists after the match.

This is not the first time that Ronaldo has left the ground before the final whistle. Earlier, the player left the field during the pre-season matches and before the end of the game. The player left the field during the match against Real Vallecano.

Although Ten Haag made it clear at the time that such behavior was unacceptable, no disciplinary action was taken against Rono. But Ten Haag is of the position that this time’s departure cannot be left like that.


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