‘Temporary’ Only For Party People?: The ruling party wants only jobs and wages for those who want them. How strange and dangerous is the democracy that says give? It is a Benefit of common use “With those who are in charge of getting anything out of each deposit. The state of our democracy is pitiful. Needless to say. Any leader of any party brings things to this level. In any case, it should be brought to light. Temporary staff to be appointed in Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Council CPM district se by demanding the party’s priority list The letter issued in the name given by the mayor to Crutter became controversial. At least think about what has shrunk from the knife.

The CPM district secretary said that he did not write the letter and the mayor did not receive it. The crater has also been clarified. If you believe that, then who prepared this letter and published it? There is something to cry about. In the name of the mayor, no one else can exchange ideas in this way. Is it being conducted with the permission of the party or any of the leaders? The common people wonder if there are fake people out there without anyone knowing. Shouldn’t you know? In any case, issue the letter printed on the mayor’s professional letter pad. present It does not look easy at all. The person who drafted this letter was in contact with the city council and something like this. What things may have been done and planned to be done? We should also think about Cam.

The crime branch has been urged to file a case as soon as possible in the mayor’s complaint. Shaman should be held. This is not a matter to waste time by stretching and knocking. After the release of the Mayor’s letter, the Corporation Is another letter from the Parliamentary Party Secretary coming out? Yes. SAT Hospital Respite Center for Life through Kutumbashree A list of family members should be made available for appointment. The letter addressed to the CPM district secretary also belongs to him. However, he prepared the letter due to his misconception. To be convinced that giving a letter in kind is not the correct position. It has not been handed over to anyone and someone acted after it was released. The related person says that there is. In this regard too, the police investigation should clarify what is the truth. What is real and who is fake is hidden in the smoke screen. Don’t do it.

For those making temporary appointments in public institutions Whether it is the professional leaders of the party that should be given is question that should be raised. We have heard many complaints about the regulations in the past. loose There were some controversies because of that. It is governed both at the government level and in its respective institutions. The latter rule is that there is no right or left. The charges are high. Political expediency without a permanent appointment for years It was also discussed that temporary workers were being deployed. It is Those who have been working for many years under the label of temporary workers. See you too. Not one or two, but 295 temporary vacancies in the name of the Mayor. It should be mentioned that the person was looking for the returned dispute letter.

Eligible persons are entitled to employment irrespective of political affiliation. Every person in this country who is looking for a job is called Bhikkhu. is also a right. Every job available in the public sector, of whatever nature Well, is offered is 100% clear and honest. It should be clear. Intervening in the Thiruvananthapuram letter dispute, Vacancies Emplo Filled up through the exchange of funds, the minister of the respective department M.B. Rajesh’s clarification is welcome. If the government is able to understand the concerns of the people It’s good.


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