Telangana: Good News!  Sarkar Greensignal For The Appointment Of 1492 Doctors In Rural Dispensaries.. Notification Soon.: Telangana state is taking steps towards health Telangana. It is already known that Basti Davakhanas are being established in urban slums to cure asthma. In the same way..

Minister Harish Rao

Telangana Govt Jobs: Telangana state is taking slow steps towards a healthy Telangana. It is already known that Basti Davakhanas are being established in urban slums to cure asthma. In the same way, the Telangana government has started rural clinics to strengthen the health system in rural areas and to diagnose and treat the disease at the primary level. As prevention is better than cure, the medical and health department has focused on primary care. As part of this, there are 4745 ANM sub-centers across the state, out of which 3206 sub-centers have been decided to be converted into rural clinics. The Finance Department has issued GIO No. 1563 to replace 1492 doctors in these rural dispensaries on a contract basis. As part of this, the Medical and Health Department will immediately take steps for their appointment.

The working style of rural this..

The Health Department is converting 3206 sub-centers into rural clinics in the state. But already in these sub-centers, ANMs and Ashas are providing necessary medicines to the patients. Now these are being converted into village dispensaries and 1492 doctors are being appointed in them, more quality services will be provided in the villages.

Samples are collected for necessary diagnostic tests in rural clinics. They are sent to T Diagnostics. Based on the diagnosis results from there, the doctors will provide the necessary treatment. It is possible to take measures to prevent the spread of the disease through these village clinics at the primary stage. If the disease is serious, such people will be referred to CHC or area and district hospitals by the village dispensary doctor.

No more doctors in 3206 sub-centers.

Out of the 3206 sub-centers in the state, 1492 doctors will be recruited, while another 636 sub-centers are under PHCs. That means in total 3842 sub-centers where doctors are available to the public. Henceforth, if the rural people fall ill, medical services will be provided at the villages without the need to go to the cities. Except for going to the big hospitals only for any serious medical problems, rural health will be saved only by rural hospitals.

Another notification has been released for filling up 1147 posts in the medical and health department

It is known that the Medical and Health Service Recruitment Board released a notification on Tuesday for filling up 1147 Assistant Professor posts in the Medical Education Department. Online applications for these posts will start from 20th December. The last date for receipt of applications has been fixed as January 5, 2023.



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