Youngster Shot In A Road Shooting In West Philadelphia

Telangana: Finally The Unexpected Tragedy, The Family That Fell On The Road: This is a triangle love story, Yes, Jawan likes her, but He also decides to get married. Intermittent meetings during the proposal process. Handshakes.

This is a triangle love story, Yes, Jawan likes her, He also decides to get married. Intermittent meetings during the proposal process. Handshakes.. chattering. Shikars.. extra went on. So far so good.. But. Another story also ran in this frame. Javanemo fell in love with her. Her gaze is on the other side. And what is in his mind?

Both Jawan Santos and the girl are bachelors. But Bandari Kiran is married. There are also children. Family means a lot of love and responsibility. Both the boys were very friendly. But the story took another turn when the young woman contacted her on the phone. Contact with her is increasing more and more. Chai Pe’s discussion at home.. She is cute with her during the walk. It is difficult to manage. But if you like it, you have to manage it.

And she also has these scenes with him, and on the other hand, she is talking on the phone with Jawan. Handles Dual Sims very carefully. There was no problem until he knew his love for him. However, these three know each other very well. Even close relatives. Both of them will be her daughter-in-law. The jawan put a kerchief from the border to marry her. But already the border between Kiran and her has been eroded. And such affections cannot be hidden even if they are hidden. Finally, they fell on the jawan’s ears. That’s when Jawan Santhosh got angry with his cousin’s brother that he had trapped the young woman he loved. He discussed this with his brother and his friends. Sarileru sketched the scene of the movie at his own level. Liquor party as per plan. War in the forest. Annadammula Alai Balai.. Photos clicked. If it is cut… a murder has taken place in Malina’s love story Chitram.

Santhosh, who invited Kiran the name the party, brutally murdered him along with his friends. They even destroyed the body to prevent the truth from coming out. The dead body was buried in a dumping yard next to National Highway 44. Later, Sepoy Santosh came with him and the two jawans involved in the murder went to the border. The accused chose and tried, thinking that the truth was buried. But, the truth came out. Bandari Kiran’s murder came to light when a sanitation worker noticed a dead body in a garbage dump.

Kiran has been missing since September 28. The family members filed a complaint in Adilabad Mavala PS. No enmity with anyone. No disputes. But Kiran’s wife Bhagya Shree’s suspicion came to light..with the little information she gave, the crucial turning point in Kiran’s murder case came to the fore. ‘Someone takes a child and goes back after running out of money..’ These are the words of Sepoy Santhosh to his mother-like grandmother. The investigation revealed that what was behind those words was poison. Sivakumar is the brother of the young lady. The police concluded that he and his friends had conspired to commit murder in the name of drug party. Thallapalli Sivakumar, Chintala Rohit Reddy, Saggam Ramakrishna Reddy, and Thallapalli Ramesh were arrested in the Bandari Kiran murder case. The police said that the absconding accused, including Jawan Santosh, who is the main accused, will be brought to justice soon.


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