Sitharaman Vs KCR Sitharaman's Biggest Attack On KCR, Said - TRS Was Renamed On The Advice Of Tantriks

Telangana Congress: When Will The State-Given Telangana Congress Come? Who Will Give Life To The Original Party?: Although similar symbols were damaged, the speed of the car did not decrease. TRS was the winner. But the hand of Congress is broken. The deposit was lost at the same time. The entire Nalgonda district was wiped out. Indian most senior political party.. What is the situation? Are the times not coming together? Leaders do not move together? After seeing the eye-popping results in the previous poll, these are the questions in the mind of an average Congress fan.

Political analysts say that the story of Congress has not changed. The argument that Hastam Hastavasi has not changed at all. However, the old party has made itself as if its destiny is to lose any election. The party was given Telangana in its name. But after Telangana came, it did not show its power in any election. The losing streak continues since 2014. Hujurnagar, Dubbaka, Nagarjun Sagar, Hujurabad by-elections after 2018. Recently, the same pattern has covered the results in the past. The number of votes received by the candidate of the party is as if Congress is crying no matter what the round. It is a plight to get 20,000 votes in total. Analysts say that the reason for this is self-inflicted.

In other words, it is not a BJP seat. TRS is not Choo. In 2018, the seat was won by Congress as the candidate of Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy. After that Rajagopal Redde said good to the party and left.. the situation became like this. Even if the entire cadre did not go with him, it is a hard fact that Congress has to realize that the cadre has moved at the majority level. Due to this, the party will not lose.

Opposing Rajagopal Reddy’s resignation.. immediately after that, TPCC arranged a meeting in a range in Chandur… but it did not have much effect. Moreover, the language used by Dayakar against Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy, who was silent at that meeting, caused huge damage to the party.

Even though strong leaders like Chelimala Krishna Reddy competed locally for the candidature, the Congress high command declared Palvai Sravathin as the candidate, considering her to be a girl child. The Congress, which announced its candidate before everyone else and showed enthusiasm, could not work out that sentiment. No matter how much haste, what is the profit.. Congress party could not even get the deposit.

It has also failed to retain the traditional votes that have been behind it for decades. Due to the internal fighting at the party, the hardcore fans also looked away. As a result, all the votes of Congress were split between BJP and TRS.

Mainly Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy episode

No matter how long it has been, now the Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy case is being heard strongly by Congress. The audio of Komati Reddy talking to the activists asking them to leave the party and support his younger brother became a big sensation. The video of him speaking in Australia saying that the Congress will not win in this, there is no success. The fact that it went viral in the media and social media has weakened Congress even more.

All the ranks of Congress are there.

And, exactly at this time.. the Congress leader’s march called ‘Bharatjodo’ entered Telangana and shocked the ranks of the Congress. All the major leaders had to focus more on Rahul’s march in the state. Sadly. Palvai Sravanti had to fight almost alone. They could not stand between TRS and BJP who became the main competitors. However, the reasons given by Congress leaders for this defeat are different.

However.. with this blow, the story of Congress in Telangana has reached the edge..? Such opinions are strolling in the political corridor. How will Congress cope with this damage that cannot be covered? When will it achieve glory again..? This has now become a topic of discussion.


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