Rahul Gandhi's big announcement, promises to change GST when Congress comes to power at the Center

Telangana Congress: Shocks After Shocks For Telangana Congress, Analysts Say There Will Be A Threat If The Trend Does Not Change, Who Will Be Next To Marri?: After the coming and going of Rahul Gandhi, the party that wanted to penetrate the people with the Warangal declaration saw nothing but a rush for a week or ten days. If they want to show their strength when the by-election is going on for their sitting seat…

There is no change in the story of Congress in Telangana. After the coming and going of Rahul Gandhi in the month of May, the party that wanted to penetrate the people with the Warangal declaration saw nothing but a rush for a week or ten days. At the time when the by-election is going on for their sitting seat, if they wanted to show their power, they managed to get the deposit. And when the top leader Rahul Gandhi went on a padayatra for twelve days in Telangana, the little enthusiasm that was seen on that occasion immediately cooled down. The exodus of Congress leaders is continuing. Political analysts are of the opinion that there is no change in Hastam Hastavasi. If the party is killed in the thirteen districts of Seemandhra and the aspirations of the people of Telangana are fulfilled, the fact that there is no situation to come to power here also shows the plight of the Congress party. It goes without saying that it is a historical mistake of Telangana Congress leaders that they could not go to the people with the slogan that they have given Telangana and show at least one level of gratitude towards them.

The Congress party is a group of groups. It seems that the party leaders have their own Yamuna. While appearing united on the surface, they criticize each other as they see fit. During the days of united Andhra Pradesh, during the reign of a strong leader like YS Rajasekhar Reddy, even the dissident leaders in the party kept silent. P. YSR created a situation where leaders like Janardhan Reddy, V. Hanumantha Rao, and JC Diwakar Reddy could not open their mouths and openly comment even if they were burning with dissatisfaction and disagreement inside. The party is almost in his sights. A leader like Sonia on one occasion thwarted the Telangana government with her tactics. It is a known truth that YSR was the reason why Sonia postponed the commitment given in 2004. But his sudden death changed AP politics once and for all. The situation changed when Konijeti Roshaiah, who later took over the reins as CM, did not have much grip, and KCR, who noticed him as the week CM, moved strategically and took another turn in the Telangana movement.

Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy, who was the lucky CM after Roshaiah, worked in his own style in the administration but could not control the Telangana movement. Daramola took steps to divide the state. On the one hand, the steps taken by Kiran Kumar Reddy in the inevitable situation of state division have aroused surprise. Congress party in AP and ET in Telangana have caused the downfall. All this is passed. After 2014, KCR was pulling away the MLAs who had won on behalf of the Congress party, but neither the state leadership nor the high command of the party could do anything. In the end, Revanth Reddy, who came from the Telugu Desam Party, had no political experience of two decades and was stuck in Telangana, was entrusted with the leadership of the state despite the number of seniors in the party. Although the senior leaders naturally did not like this move, some of them adjusted.

All these are common in the Congress party. Whose agenda in Congress is theirs. The name given to the politics of the group is Congress Party. There is no less internal democracy in that party. The leaders of that party are acting as if the Congress party, which has a history of more than a century, does not need any external enemies. Telangana Congress leaders are making the adage that group politics is enough to be true. Some of the leaders are acting as if they are Yamunathi. On the other hand, resignations in Telangana Congress will continue. Marri Shasidhar Reddy, who was expelled from the Congress party, said that he was happy with the party. He criticized Revanth Reddy’s behavior saying that the situation at the party is deteriorating. State affairs in charge Venugopal and Manikyam Tagore were also angry. Marri criticized both of them for betraying the high command. He announced that he will soon join the BJP. Marri Shasidhar Reddy criticized the Congress party for losing the trust of the people. Congress has been losing all the elections in Telangana since Uttam Kumar Reddy became the president of PCC.

He said that PCC presidents are acting according to their will in Telangana. On this occasion, he recalled the comments made by MP Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy in the past that he had to spend around 25 crores to get the post of PCC president. Marri Sashidhar Reddy criticized the rest of the leaders despite expressing his positive attitude towards Sonia Gandhi. He said that he has taken the decision to resign with great pain. He said that he is writing a letter to the party president and had also written a letter to Sonia Gandhi. He said that he had never seen the current situation at the party before. He expressed concern that the situation at the party is deteriorating day by day. He criticized Congress for failing to work for the people of Telangana.

AICC had previously issued notices to Bhuvanagiri Congress MP Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy. A show cause notice has been issued to reply within 10 days. During the previous by-election, the audio call of Venkat Reddy asking Komati Reddy to vote for Rajagopal Reddy was leaked. But till now it is not clear whether Venkata Reddy has given an explanation or not. Difficulties are increasing for Telangana Congress. Many leaders are making noise against the behavior of TPCC chief Revanth Reddy and party state affairs in-charge Manikyam Tagore. Others are leaving the party. If many parties changed on the occasion of the previous by-election, it was the Congress party that lost everything. Earlier, MP Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy had also asked for the appointment of Sonia and Rahul to explain the issue to the party leadership. Once again Congress MLA Jaggareddy made sensational comments on TPCC. He asked why they were holding a Zoom meeting while sitting at their homes when they had to hold a meeting at Gandhi Bhavan. He asked if this is the company to set up a Zoom meeting. Is it not the responsibility of the PCC to ensure that the leaders do not change the party? Jaggareddy asked what they will do in Gandhi Bhavan after everyone leaves the party.

Congress party is facing serious difficulties due to consecutive defeats. The party that lost the deposit in the Huzurabad by-elections has confirmed that it is a special election. In the recent by-elections, she tried to win the seat but got the deposit. In fact, the Congress party alerted everyone about the previous by-elections, but the result came out negative. The party chief is conducting a series of reviews to recover from the party’s series of defeats. It has recently put another focus on what to do from now on. It is expected to take public issues as an agenda and move forward. The Congress leaders have decided to make direct struggles mainly with the problems faced by the farmers as an agenda. Elections to the Telangana assembly are going to be held in the next ten months. There are signs that many leaders of the Congress party will join the TRS party if not the BJP. This is reinforced by the recent comments made by BJP National Vice President DK Aruna. Political analysts say that if there is no change in the policy decisions of the TPCC, even with the setbacks, developments, and shocks, it will be difficult for the party to follow the path of success.


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