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Telangana Ankole Camp Has Turned As 100 Percent Solar Village Know The Details: An idea flashed in the mind of the sarpanch of the village as his heart was strained and his pocket was strained by the huge current bill. He gave wings to his idea and struggled with the cooperation of the villagers

An idea flashed in the mind of the sarpanch of the village as his heart was strained and his pocket was strained by the huge current bill. He gave wings to his idea and with the help of the villagers, he overcame the difficulties and made paying the current bill easy. Now the people of that village do not pay current bills. The government is paying them. A small idea lit up the whole town. It has turned into a village where the sun never sets. The villagers say that all this means that our village is solar. Now let’s find out what is the story of this town.

Ancol Camp of Nasrullabad Mandal in Bansuwada Constituency of Kamareddy District. Although the village is small, the thoughts of the villagers are very big. This village is becoming a hundred percent solar village with the initiative of the Sarpanch. They earn income by selling the surplus electricity to the electricity department while paying only the minimum bills. More than 80 percent of families are running on the path of solar power after setting up a solar power plant. Ankle camp is now shining with solar lights and is setting an example for other villages in Telangana.

Solar lights are radiating everywhere in this village. Apart from the use of solar power in every house, solar power is also used to light the electricity poles at night. Apart from that, all the families in the village are following the path of solar electricity. Already 11 families have set up 3 VK power plants and other families have set up 2 KV power plants.

Villagers say that even when solar electricity is installed, only minimum current bills are coming and their pockets are not getting pierced with high bills. Earlier the monthly bill was more than Rs.1000. Now with the installation of the solar plants, the villagers are happy without the burden of bills and electricity cuts.

Production of 33 thousand units till November.

A total of 33,037 units of electricity were generated from December 2021 to November 2022 through the solar panels on every house in the village. Out of this 22 thousand units were used for household purposes. 11 thousand units of electricity were sold to NPDCL. This gave them an additional income of 47,842 rupees. They are getting a minimum income of Rs.400 to Rs.600 per month from NPDCL.

Angel Camp Sarpanch Ramu has become a guide to many by filling the village with solar lights. He gave loans to the villagers through Strinidhi to install solar panels. Sarpanch Ram was first encouraged by Telangana Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy and with success Kamareddy Collector Jitesh. V. Patil offered further encouragement. Sarpanch Ramu says that the efforts of the villagers are also great in lighting up the village.

TS Redco discount.

TS Redco has provided a 40 percent subsidy for the installation of solar panels. A loan was sanctioned at the rate of Rs.1.05 lakh per three kilowatts unit and Rs.80 thousand per two-kilowatt unit. First, solar panels were installed on the houses of 14 Swashakti Sangha members. Later it was implemented in the whole village in stages. Sarpanch Ramu says that in order to overcome the power crisis in the future, steps should be taken toward green energy and solar power is the only way.

For 1 KV plant Rs. 60 thousand costs.

In addition to the families who are now using solar electricity, the rest of the families have also made new applications for solar electricity. Some have set up 3 KV and some 2 KV power plants. A 1 KV solar power plant costs 60 thousand rupees while a 3 KV plant costs 1.80 lakhs. They get a 40 percent subsidy. Bank gives loans through a 50 percent women’s fund. Only the remaining 10 percent has to be borne by the beneficiary.

Ankol Camp, which has grown from the level of paying current bills to the level of selling electricity to distribution companies, is giving a new inspiration to the rest of the villages.


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