Teacher’s Obscene Video With Female Student Goes Viral On Social Media, Causing A Stir: Own Correspondent, Agartala, November 8 A video of a teacher of the Bengali section of the school with a girl student of Korbuk Panjiham 12th standard school went viral. On angry school students on Monday morning locked up the school’s original photo and demanded the sacking of the notorious teacher. The students withdrew their agitation after receiving verbal assurance from the Deputy Director of Gomti District of the School Education Department However, if the bad character teacher is not expelled, the students have warned that they will form a larger movement in the future.

The students of the school have alleged that Jalendra Tripura, the teacher of Bengali subject of the school, had physical relations with a girl of class 12 by giving various inducements. Besides, the teacher made a pornographic video with the student in order to blackmail the student.

Sampreeti A few days ago, an obscene video of the student and the teacher went viral on social media Due to this the minor girl is not able to show her face in the locality Students of Korbuk Panjiham 12th standard school has alleged that the image of the school is being tarnished after the obscene video went viral. As a result, all the students of the school joined the movement by locking the main gate of the school at 8:30 on Monday morning.

They boycotted the class in the name of agitation to demand the expulsion of the teacher Jalendra Tripura, who had a bad character. Even though the school headmaster and the police administration tried to convince the students in many ways, they remained adamant in their demands.

Finally, after receiving the news of the students’ movement, Laxman Chandra Das, Deputy Commissioner of the Gomti District of the Education Department, rushed to Korbu on Monday afternoon. On behalf of the students, a written complaint was given to the deputy director of the education department against the tainted teacher Jalendra Tripura.

Laxman Chandra Das, director of the school education department, heard the entire incident from the students in detail and assured them to take necessary measures in this regard. Besides discussing with the head teacher of the school, he said that the accused teacher will be transferred to another place within the next two days. The agitating students objected and said that the tainted teacher should not be transferred but should be dismissed.

The students complained that the teacher could cause such an incident in the school he would go to, so the students demanded the immediate expulsion of such a misbehaving teacher. Deputy Principal Laxman Chandra Das assured the students that the department will investigate the whole matter and take necessary action against the accused teacher.

After receiving the assurance of the vice-principal, the angry students withdrew their agitation like on Monday, but if the tainted teacher is not expelled, the students warned that they will start a larger agitation in the coming days. Meanwhile, according to the news, the main organization of the Tripuri community, Tripura Chublai Butho, had warned Jalendra Tripura several times before for its misdeeds.

But teacher Jalendra Tripura did not curb his character decline Tripura Chublai Author Korbuk divisional committee meeting on Monday evening decided to expel Jalendra Tripura from the society with the consent of the central committee after the obscene video with Skal girl came to light.


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