TDP: That MP Seat That TDP Is Eyeing, Hunting For A New Candidate In Every Election, Leaders Who Do Not Come Forward Even If They Call And Give Ticket: No matter how strong TDP is in AP, that MP seat has become a stick. Even if they call to compete from there and give tickets, no one comes forward. This is not a one-time affair.

The Ongole Parliament seat was once a stronghold of the Congress party. Ongole, which was a bicameral parliamentary constituency in 1952, became a unicameral constituency in the 1957 elections. From 1952 to 2019, there were 17 elections for the Ongole Parliament seat, Congress 10 times, Independents twice, CPI once, TDP twice and YCP candidates won twice.

Jaggaya wins..

In place of the Ongole Parliament, the atmosphere of Congress at that time was not all this. The proof of this is that the film actor Kongara Jaggaiah, who has nothing to do with the Ongole constituency, contested for the Parliament from Ongole on a Congress ticket in 1967 and won. If the Congress party gives a ticket here, then he has become an MP… That was the atmosphere of the Congress at that time.

Kanchukota for YCP after state bifurcation

On the other hand, out of ten elections held after the emergence of TDP, TDP won only twice. TDP won from here in 1984 and then in 1999. After 1999, TDP candidates did not go to Parliament from Ongole. It is said that the Ongole parliamentary seat became a stronghold of the Congress before the bifurcation of the state and the YCP after the bifurcation. YV Subbareddy in 2014 and Magenta Srinivasulureddy in 2019 won as YCP candidates respectively. The reason for this is believed to be the majority of voters belonging to the Reddy community in the Ongole Parliament.

TDP has not won for 20 years

The Ongole Parliament seat has been a bone of contention for the TDP since the beginning. After the formation of the TDP in 1984, the party won here only fifteen years later in 1999. TDP did not win here for 20 years after that. During these twenty years, the candidate who contested from TDP once did not come forward to contest again. With this, TDP has to search for a new candidate in every parliamentary election.

There is no perfect leader

In 2004, 2009, 2014, and 2019, new people contested on behalf of TDP and lost. Still, TDP has no leader in the Ongole Parliament. As for me, no one is coming forward to be a full-fledged leader even if some people are appointed as in-charges. Because senior TDP leaders are saying who will contest in the losing position. It is said that someone comes forward to ride a winning horse, but who comes to ride a lame horse?

Venkaiah Naidu who was defeated in Ongole

In Ongole Parliament, the votes of the Reddy community are high. Therefore, the candidates contesting here are mostly from the Reddy community. Accordingly, Congress, TDP, and YCP have given tickets to people belonging to the Reddy community. Therefore, if 17 parliamentary elections are held here, the Reddy community will be elected. Analysts say that 12 candidates from the category have won. In the parliamentary elections held in 1977, the current former Vice President Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu contested from the Bharatiya Lok Dal Party and lost.

A rooted Magenta family

In this background, Magunta’s family, who migrated from Nellore, took root here. In 1991, then in 1996, 1998, 2004, and 2009 elections, Magenta family members contested and won from Congress and in the 2019 elections from YCP. With this, the Ongole parliamentary seat has become a grape for TDP. It remains to be seen whether the TDP will raise the flag even after twenty years.


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