Actress Tanushree Dutta, who has been missing from the big screen for a long time, has now returned in a tremendous way. Please tell that Tanushree has once again given herself a perfect body through 18 months of hard work and diet. Tanushree left no stone unturned to make herself fit and today her perfect looking dream is fulfilled.

18 months of hard work have made themselves fit

Let us know that recently, Tanushree Dutta shared a video with her fans on her Instagram account, in which she looked fit. Seeing Tanushree, everyone started asking how suddenly she became so fit. On this, Tunshree said that all this has not happened suddenly, but my hard work of 18 months. I have been doing workouts since September 2019 and am taking strict diet. For this I have done one day and night.

Had made up my mind to be fit in the year 2019 itself

Tanushree told that in 2019, when she went to visit a temple in Ujjain, she was determined that now, she will work hard to fit herself. Since then I started fasting. When I fasted for the first time, I felt very good, after that I started fasting on every Monday. And when I realized that I was losing weight, I got a trainer to do a workout. After that I changed all my diet. And started eating only healthy. I worked myself from 80 to 62 with hard work.

Let’s say that now Tanushree is going to return to Bollywood. She told that she is talking on many projects. And if all is right, then you will start shooting soon.


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