Tamil Nadu Governor R.N. Ravi: Governors Are Not Rubber Stamps And Will Intervene If There Is A Move To Dismantle The Lokayukta: Governors appointed in states are not rubber stamps, said Tamil Nadu Governor R.N. Ravi. He was inaugurating the Lokayukta Day celebrations held in Thiruvananthapuram.

RN said that if there is any move to destroy the Lokayukta, he will intervene and such moves are taking place in all parts of the country. Ravi said.

‘These are the times when everything is debatable. The position of governor has its own importance. Governors should not be rubber stamps. If there is a move to weaken the power of the Lokayukta, the Governor will intervene,’ R.N. Ravi said.

While the heavy clash with the DMK government continues in Tamil Nadu, RN. Ravi came to Kerala as an invited guest. Law Minister P. Rajeev also shared the dais with the Governor.

In his presiding speech, Kerala Lokayukta Justice Cyriak Joseph said that he was the one who invited the Tamil Nadu Governor to the function and that he is worthy to sit on such a platform.

Meanwhile, currently, 20 bills passed by the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly are awaiting the approval of the Governor. Following this, R.N. DMK MPs sent a letter to President Draupadi Murmu demanding that Ravi be removed from the post of governor.

The MPs of the ruling DMK have sent a letter pointing out that the governor is unfit to hold the constitutional post. DMK MPs along with Congress and Left MPs have sent a letter to the President demanding the Governor’s recall.

The letter says that the bills are being delayed without signing and the governor has kept around twenty bills in his hands for more than a year without signing them. The letter also stated that the governor has been making statements against secularism continuously.

Governor R.N. The letter says that Ravi is not fit to perform constitutional duties. In the letter, DMK also accused the governor of obstructing the activities of the elected democratic government in Tamil Nadu.

The memorandum submitted by the DMK MPs said that the governor is acting against constitutional values ​​and is a threat to peace, preventing the government from serving the people and inciting communal hatred.

Since assuming office as the Governor of Tamil Nadu in September last year, R.N. Many remarks made by Ravi were controversial. There were constant problems with Stalin’s government.

Last week, the Tamil Nadu government delayed handing over the Coimbatore blast probe to the National Investigation Agency, Governor R.N. Ravi alleged.

The governor’s earlier remarks were also controversial. RN said that every country depended on some religion and it was the same in India. Ravi’s statement. Following this, 11 political parties of the state issued a joint statement against the governor.


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