This time Tarak Mehta, vice glasses (Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah) the viewer are the same demand from makers like he let get married Poptlal. Because Popatlal has been a bachelor for the last 12 years and is dying for marriage. At the same time, now it seems that Popatlal will get married this time. Because this time not only Popat but the girl has also done yes. So what is going to happen soon in the Gokuldham Society Shehnai.

Gopuldham Society will reach Popatlal’s bride

Recently, Popatlal met a girl named Pooja. When the girl came to Mumbai to meet Khas Popatlal, her wishes blossomed. The mantras of marriage are again being heard to Popat. At the same time, it is felt from the girl’s side that they have got Popat Bha. And now, after hearing this news, a wave of happiness has started in the people of Gokuldham. Since that girl is going to come to Popat’s house too, now everyone has gathered together in preparations.

Water should not go back to expectations again

Now everything is ready. But the fear is of one thing that the hopes never run out of water again. Because this has always been the case with Popatlal. They go to do something, and something else goes. For the past 12 years, whenever there has been talk of their marriage, something has gone wrong. And each time their marriage was canceled. But this time the matter is completely confirmed. Everyone is happy to know that. And now waiting for the bride of Popatal who is going to reach the Gokuldham Society.


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