Bigg Boss 14: these things happened for the first time in the history of the show

Corona virus continues to wreak havoc all over the world. Due to the corona virus, at one time it felt like life had stopped. Locked down across the country. Everyone was at their homes. Shooting stopped on TV and films. For this reason, the fans could not even see their favorite shows. But with the sudden stoppage of such shooting and new shooting lines when the shooting started, it also affected the storylines of TV shows.

When the shooting of the show started, some of the shows were closed, then the story line of some had to be changed, because there was a ban on the child and the elderly in the shooting. Can’t shoot with much crew. Cannot hold live audience either. All changes were seen in the shows.

The plot of many shows was started with the corona virus. Now take the reverse spectacle of TV’s most popular show Tarak Mehta. Since the shooting of the show started, the corona virus plot has been going on. It is being shown in the show that there is a lockdown in the entire country.

Fights with Corona, not afraid. In recent episodes, Abdul, who runs a general store, shows some signs of Kovid 19. Abdul got a lot of cough and cold. After this Abdul is also isolated. Abdul was tested. Also, showing the corona protocol, a corona test of all the families was shown in Gokuldham. However, after a few episodes, it is shown that Abdul’s report comes negative, after which the housemates are quite happy.

The show showed how to fight with courage, not to be afraid of Corona. Full care is to be taken so that everyone remains safe.

Talk of loss in business, Rajan Shahi’s show Yeh Rishta Kya, that is to say, when the show started, it was shown that the corona is spread in the country and due to which the lockdown has occurred. There has been a loss in his business due to the lockdown. But the family members did not lose courage and did not let the workers of their company suffer. He was given full salary so that his house could continue to run.

At the same time, Kairav ​​and dynasty have not been shown in the show for a long time because they are young. They cannot come on the show.

Live audience missing are some of the television shows that have a live audience. That is why The Kapil Sharma Show is being shot without a live audience. The show has cutouts replaced with live audiences.

Not for the first time, the audience poll in KBC is not there in Kaun Banega Crorepati. Hence the most important Lifeline audience poll of the show had to be removed. Let us know that KBC has a live audience from the beginning, which also helps the contestants through a lifeline. But this time due to Kovid and social distancing, this option was scrapped.

Broken Bigg Boss Traditions From Corona

Talking about Bigg Boss, the country’s biggest reality show, the show never had its grand premiere without a live audience. But this time it had to be done due to Corona. At the same time, many rules and themes of the shows also had to be changed. The biggest change is announcing the name of the contestant in advance through a press conference. Earlier in the live show, Salman himself used to introduce contestants for the first time. Contestants have had to quarantine before the show’s entry.



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