Taapsee Pannu's boyfriend sought help from Sports Minister in IT Raid case, then Kiran Rijiju gave this answer

Many celebs, including Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu and director Anurag Kashyap, have been raided at home income tax. For the last three-four days, Income Tax Department officials are making inquiries related to income at the house of Tapasi and Anurag. This is troubling Tapsee and his family a lot. Although Taapsee is being supported by many celebs of the Bollywood industry.

Many people say that the government is taking revenge for supporting the farmer movement with Taapsee and Anurag. Meanwhile, Taapsee’s boyfriend and Indian badminton coach Messias Boi expressed his concern by tweeting in his support and sought help from Sports Minister Kiran Rijiju. Kiran Rijiju has also responded to Boi’s tweet.

Matthias is upset

Matthias says that Tapsee and his family are very upset due to IT raid. Tagging Kiran Rijiju in his tweet, he wrote, “I am a bit upset. For some athletes, for the first time I am representing India as a coach, while on the other hand IT Red is being done at Tapsee’s house, his family. , Especially his parents are being unnecessarily harassed, please do something Kiran Rijiju. ”

See Matthias Boi’s tweet here

Out of scope

Kiran Rijiju reacted to this and said that the Income Tax Department is doing its work within the purview of the law. He wrote in his tweet, “The law of the country is the biggest and we should respect it. This matter is out of your jurisdiction and mine. We should focus on our professional duty for the benefit of Indian sports.”


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