T20 World Cup 2022

T20 WORLD CUP: Super – 12 Competition Sai.. The Girls Rushed To The Final Battle With Sensational Victories: Currently, the T20 World Cup is going on. The group stage matches are over. The Super-12 matches will start on Saturday. As part of the T20 World Cup being held in Australia…

As far as sports are concerned, you never know what will happen. No matter how big a player is, what matters is how he performs on the day he steps into the ring. Even the star players can’t go wrong at times. There may have been champions in the past. but in sports what matters now is what matters. A team can have any number of records. But how the day played out was important. Currently, the T20 World Cup is going on. The group stage matches are over. The Super-12 matches will start on Saturday. As part of the T20 World Cup being held in Australia, eight teams faced each other in the qualifier round. The top two teams in the points table from Group-A and Group B together qualified for the Super-12. The teams that were thought to be underdogs fought brilliantly till the end. Along with the top-8 teams, four more teams have joined the Super-12. The super-12 match will start on Saturday.

In the first round, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands from Group-A, and Ireland and Zimbabwe from Group B have reached the Super-12. Zimbabwe qualified with a win over Scotland in the final match of the qualifiers. Exceptionally, the two-time champion West Indies are heading home from the qualifiers this time. West Indies, Namibia, and Scotland are absent from the 12 teams that played in the last T20 World Cup. Instead of them, Netherlands and Zimbabwe are new arrivals. Bangladesh is already in Super-12. Bangladesh team had to play qualifying matches in the last tournament.

Both groups are ready for the final battle in the Super-12 with the other teams. A total of 12 teams will compete for the title. India and Pakistan cricket teams are in the same group. The Super-12 battle will begin with the first match between Australia and New Zealand on Saturday, October 22. Group 1 consists of New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Australia, England, and Ireland while Group 2 consists of South Africa, Netherlands, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe. It is generally assumed that big teams can easily win a match against smaller teams. But there is a situation of not understanding what will happen in the T20 format. It is becoming exciting till the end which team will win over which team. Sports analysts say that if the small teams are looked down upon as they have already played in the qualifier round, then the big teams will have to suffer.

No team can be underestimated in the T20 format. However, the top 2 teams from the respective groups will qualify for the semis. In the first round, Asia Cup winner Sri Lanka was shocked by a small team like Namibia. Also, West Indies were given jhalak by Ireland along with Scotland and Zimbabwe. The teams who are already used to the Aussie pitch conditions are likely to become more dangerous in the crucial Super-12 clash. The result of each match will be very important to reach the semis. The super-12 competition will start on Saturday.


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