T20 World Cup 2022 Team India Ready To Fight Pakistan, These Are The 11 Players Who Will Enter The Ring

T20 World Cup: Are There Chances Of India And Pakistan Meeting In The Final? Pak Suddenly Entered The Race: The T-20 World Cup is going on in full swing. Even though the rains are causing severe disruption in Aussie, they are also changing the results and increasing the suspense. So who will reach the semis in India, South Africa, and Pakistan? Although India is currently strong in the points table.. According to the matches to be held today and tomorrow.. who will advance to the semis? Who is squatting? What are the chances of our team India?

Normally, they thought that Pakistan’s semis chances were almost closed after losing to India and South Africa and winning against Bangladesh. But that team defeated the Netherlands as well as the strong South African team and jumped back into the race. With this, the excitement of which teams will reach the semis in present India, Pakistan and South Africa have opened up. Compared to Pakistan, India and South Africa still have more opportunities. In Group 2, India is at the top with 6 points with 3 wins. South Africa is in the second position with five points from 4 matches with two wins, one loss, and one draw. Pakistan who won against South Africa came to third place with 4 points.

Incidentally, India will play its last match against Zimbabwe on the sixth date. If they win this match, India will be at the top of Group 2 and enter the semis directly. If you lose, it will be difficult. India will have a chance only if they lose in the hands of South Africa.. The Netherlands. Otherwise, we will have to wait for Bangladesh’s victory over Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan’s net run rate is better than India’s. Therefore, if India loses and Pakistan wins, that team will reach the semis. If the match against Zimbabwe is canceled due to rain, India will go to the semis. Neither Pakistan nor Bangladesh has a chance to get seven points. If the India and Pakistan teams reach the semi-finals from Group 2, they will compete against the top-2 ranked teams in Group 1. Then, India and Pakistan have a chance to face each other in the T20 World Cup final match in Melbourne on November 13.

South Africa currently has 5 points in its account. If that team wins against the Netherlands in the last match, they will go to the semis. If they lose in the hands of the Netherlands, and if the result comes in the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh, then South Africa will go home. And if it is canceled due to rain, the net run rate will be the most important. Pakistan must beat Bangladesh in the last match to reach the semis. At the same time, South Africa must lose at the hands of the Netherlands or the match will be canceled. Otherwise, Pakistan will go to the semis even if India loses at the hands of Zimbabwe. Pakistan’s net run rate is much better than India’s. So this will become the key factor.

Even though Bangladesh is technically in the race for the semis, there seems to be very little chance. The net run rate of that team is very low. There is a chance if they win against Pakistan in the last match and South Africa loses at the hands of the Netherlands. If Bangladesh wins against Pakistan and India loses at the hands of Zimbabwe, India will reach the semis. Because India’s net run rate is much better than Bangla’s.

Finally.. India’s chances of victory over Zimbabwe are quite strong. If we look at the statistics of T20 so far, there have been seven matches between India and Zimbabwe.. India won five of them.. Zimbabwe won only two. However…Zimbabwe defeated Pakistan with a strong batting and bowling line-up in the same World Cup. According to this, cricket pundits want to be a bit careful with Zimbabwe.


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