T20 World Cup 2022

T20 World Cup 2022: From Rohit To Warner, These Are The Flop Stars In T20 World Cup: In T20 World Cup 2022, the bat of many players including Rohit Sharma, Babar Azam, David Warner, and Ben Stokes has turned silent.

The 2022 T20 World Cup has been very exciting so far. But many sensations have also been recorded in this World Cup. Namibia defeated Sri Lanka in the first match. Apart from the teams, this World Cup has also been great for some players. Virat Kohli is number one in this. A lot of runs are coming from his bat in this tournament. Meanwhile, some iconic batsmen have completely flopped in this World Cup. Among them are many star batsmen including Rohit Sharma, Ben Stokes, Babar Azam, and David Warner.

Rohit Sharma

The T20 World Cup is not unique to Indian team captain Rohit Sharma. He scored 74 runs in 4 matches at an average of just 18.50. Meanwhile, his strike rate is 108.82. Rohit’s bat scored 53 runs in the match against the Netherlands. But apart from this, he failed to score big. So far he has scored 4 against Pakistan, 53 against the Netherlands, 15 against South Africa, and 2 against Bangladesh.

Ben Stokes

England’s legendary all-rounder Ben Stokes has played a total of 3 innings in the T20 World Cup so far. In that, he scored only 16 runs. In this, his strike rate is 84.21. So far in the T20 World Cup, he scored 2 against Afghanistan, 6 against Ireland, and 8 against New Zealand.

Babar Azam

Pakistan team captain Babar Azam looked completely silent with this T20 World Cup bat. No big innings have come from his bat so far. He has managed to add only 14 runs in the 4 matches played so far in this tournament. In this to his strike rate is 46.66. Babar has so far scored 0 against India, 4 against Zimbabwe, 4 against the Netherlands, and 6 against South Africa in T20 World Cup.

David Warner

Right-handed Australian opener David Warner has been a flop so far in this T20 World Cup. He scored 19 runs in 3 innings in the World Cup. Warner has so far scored 5 against New Zealand, 11 against Sri Lanka, and 3 against Ireland in this tournament.

Glenn Maxwell

Australian batsman Glenn Maxwell is known for his whirlwind batting. But in this T20 World Cup, his bat has yet to produce huge innings. In this World Cup, he scored a total of 64 runs in three innings at an average of 21.33 and a strike rate of 156.09. At the same time his highest score was 28 runs. So far in this tournament, he has scored 28 against New Zealand, 23 against Sri Lanka, and 13 against Ireland.

KL Rahul

Indian opener KL Rahul played an excellent inning in the match against Bangladesh. He scored 50 runs in it. But he completely flopped in the previous matches. Rahul has scored 72 runs at an average of just 18 in the four matches he has played so far. In this tournament, he scored 4 against Pakistan, 9 against the Netherlands, 9 against South Africa, and 50 against Bangladesh.

Michelle Marsh

Australia’s batsman Mitchell Marsh was not in a rhythm in this T20 World Cup. Mitchell Marsh has so far scored 61 runs in 3 innings at an average of 20.33 in the T20 World Cup. At the same time, his strike rate is also 119.60. His highest score was 28 runs. So far in this tournament, he has scored 16 against New Zealand, 17 against Sri Lanka, and 28 against Ireland.


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