Swaran Ghar 22nd March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode starts with Swaran taking care of the children at NGO. The girl says no thanks, I m not a kid, I m not an orphan. Swaran says sorry, he doesn’t know it, don’t get upset, have food. Yug says we have no time, don’t blame me always. Vikram says you are useless. Kiran asks where is Aarav. Neelu says he went with Swaran. Aarav says I m Aarav, what’s your name. The girl hears her mum coming and hides. Aarav says Ginni is there. The lady asks Ginni to come. Ginni says I don’t want to come, a kid thought I m an orphan. The lady slaps her. Swaran sees the lady and says Nikki, you… Nikki says she is my daughter. Ginni misbehaves with them. She angrily goes. Swaran says its not the age to raise hands on kids but to befriend them. Nikki says your children have grown up, they talk to you like this. Swaran says we are parents, its our work to reach them, they respect us or not, its their wish. Vikram says the food was tasty. Nakul says we will talk to mum with love. He goes to see. A man asks for Swaran. Nakul says she went out. The man says I m Vikas from the insurance company. Nakul says you can give me the papers, I m her eldest son Nakul. Vikash gives the papers. Nakul and Vikram smile seeing the two crores insurance claim. Vikram asks can we sign on this. Vikas says she has to sign the papers where is Mrs. Bedi. Swaran comes and says I m Mrs. Bedi. She asks Vikas to sit.

Vikas says sorry to hear about Mr. Bedi, I got the insurance papers. Swaran asks Vikram to give the file. Vikram says don’t worry, I will handle it. She asks again. She checks the papers. She says don’t give the documents to anyone from now. Nakul says we are your sons. Vikas asks her to sign the papers. Vikram gives her the pen. Swaran says I will sign after the Tervi, I don’t want to do this in front of my husband’s soul. Vikas says it will take time. She says I have time, I don’t want to hurry for the insurance money, when my husband has passed away, thank you. Vikas leaves. Vikram says you just had to sign. Yug asks do you know all these things. Swaran says no, I don’t know. Vikram says you should have signed it. Nakul says we are here to help you. She recalls Kanwal’s death. Vikram says we got time for you. She says you didn’t get time when it was needed, you are finding your dad’s account balance and FDs, his assets and insurance claim. Nakul says Vikram didn’t mean that, we can’t extend out holidays. She says I understand, stay back and then go, when are you all going back, tickets can get costly, you all have own expenses and responsibility, we just gave down payment for buying the house, you are paying the instalments, I understand everything, I don’t want to trouble you more, I will handle myself.

Aarav comes and says I have planted by Dadu’s name and fed the orphans. Kiran says you made dad’s fav dishes and went to orphanage. Vikram says we were having leftover food here. Swaran says tell me about the tickets. Kiran thinks she wants to send us back. She goes to the kids room. She recalls the childhood of her children. She cries. She says it hurts me too that I spoke to them rudely. Kiran gets soup for her. She says Nakul loves you a lot, he always missed you in US, you should forgive the children for their mistake. Nimmo gets tea for everyone. Kiran says mummy didn’t talk to me, did you talk to the insurance agent, you should get the money. Vikram says dad made mum the nominee. Nimmo says she isn’t listening to anyone now. Yug says she is in shock. Kiran says someone is brainwashing her. Vikram recalls Ajit. Swaran says Kanwal never told about the insurance. Neelu comes. Swaran says I will make my children’s fav food. Shorvori smiles and says you have a big heart. Nakul says mum isn’t mentally sound. Vikram says you mean she is mentally unstable. He thinks it’s a good way to get the insurance money.

The episode ends.



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