Exclusive: Government called Twitter officials for questioning, sought answers to these questions

Suvendu Adhikari: ‘Getwellsoon Suvendu’ Is Trending On Twitter All Day On Monday, The Crowd Is Increasing With Roses In Front Of Shantikunj: Suvendu house in front of Shantikunj in Dhundhuma situation since Monday morning. A large police force reached the spot.

The people of this state have become accustomed to the Trinamool vs BJP battle. But the overall political rivalry is significant ‘Trinamool vs Subhendu Adhikari’. Trinamool leaders are accustomed to using special adjectives with the name of Subhendu Adhikari, who was once known as the first-line soldier of the Ghassful camp, since his defection. In the last year and a half, the conflict between the Trinamool and the government with the opposition party leader has become a familiar topic in Bengal politics. And as panchayat elections are approaching, that tension has become more extreme. Trinamool workers reached Shuvendu’s house on Monday following the verbal attack by Trinamool state general secretary Kunal Ghosh on Sunday.


‘Get Well Soon Suvendu’ (#Get Well Soon Suvendu) trended on Twitter throughout the day on Monday. The message can be seen on the Twitter handles of Trinamool leaders. Someone wrote ‘Get Well Soon Shubhendu’ with a picture of a postcard, while someone else posted a picture of a bouquet of yellow or white roses. Someone again wrote in clear Bengali, ‘I wish you mental well-being.’

Posted by youth leaders like Trinankur Bhattacharya, and Sudeep Raha. Also posted on the Twitter handle of TMCP or Trinamool cyber cell.

Rose flowers in Shantikunja…

From Monday morning, the crowd started increasing near Shubendur’s house Shantikunj in East Medinipur. By 10:30 am, the members of Trinamool Chhatra Parishad of East Medinipur were the first to arrive. When the police stopped them from entering, they said they wanted to come to Shantikunj with roses and letters. The letter wished Shuvendu a speedy recovery. The altercation with the police continued for more than an hour.

It does not end there. As the day progressed, the crowd increased. First, the workers arrived with letters and flowers from the student organization and later from the youth organization of the party. Everyone has letters and roses in their hands. Trinamool workers from various districts of the state went to Kanthi in stages from the afternoon onwards. They refused to give up even if they were prevented from entering Shantikunj.

Kunal does as he says

No, the Nandigram MLA has no physical ailments. On Sunday, Kunal Ghosh quipped, ‘Shubendu is showing signs of madness.’ He also said, ‘We feel there is a bit of a mess in his head. So from tomorrow (Monday), Trinamool youth and students wing will start sending one greeting each to him. It will include a flower, a greeting card with the words Get Well Soon, and a photo of Abhishek.’ Like talk like action. On Monday, Kunal’s message echoed throughout the day.

Why such a fancy protest?

Subvendu Adhikari claimed in a tweet that an elite hotel in Kolkata was shrouded in security on Sunday night. He claimed that this security system is for Abhishek Banerjee’s son’s birthday event. He also announced the deployment of more than five hundred police personnel, a bomb squad, and dog squad. But Trinamool says this claim of Subhendu Adhikari is completely wrong. Kunal Ghosh raised questions about the mental state of Shuvendu for this comment. On Monday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also refuted this claim of Subhendu. He claimed that there was a domestic event, and the opposition party leader is spreading misinformation about the five-star hotel.


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