Actress Sushmita Sen has been in coffee recently as she has won National Award for her significant contribution in social welfare and women empowerment. She recently shared a video on social media with her daughters Renee and Alyssa and boyfriend Rohman Shaul and informed her fans about it.


Apart from this, Sushmita also shared pictures of herself holding the National Award in her hands with the fans. Sushmita continues to inspire fans with her brilliant performance on screen as well as real life activities. There is one more thing through which Sushmita fans are inspiring. That is their workout.


Glimpses of workout in gym

Sushmita Sen has shown a glimpse of her home gym. Sushmita shared a video on Monday morning. In this video, she is seen doing workouts in her gym with gymnastic rings. Sushmita appeared ready to go back to the gym and told Feelings as ‘Meditation’ and shared a video of her workout.


Watch the workout video of Sushmita Sen here


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Fans inspired to stay fit

With this, Sushmita inspired her fans to stay healthy and fit. He told that practice is needed not for strength but for doing workouts. While sharing this video, he wrote, “Meditation is going on. I am sharing a feeling through this video.”


Practice is needed not strength

Sushmita Sen further wrote, “I want to say that it is not the strength but the practice … and I miss this feeling very much. I love you guys very much.” The music of a Durga text is playing in the background of this video. “


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