When Sushmita Sen Changed Cheap Line In Anu Malik Composed Song

The beauty of Sushmita Sen, who created history by winning the title of Miss Universe and then playing a successful innings in Bollywood, continues to grow with time. Even at the age of 45, there is no visible sign of increasing age on his skin.

Like most Bollywood actresses, Sushmita Sen has also chosen traditional tips for skin care. Sushmita Sen, who belongs to Bengali family, also gives importance to her native food. Sushmita Sen likes to eat grilled fish every day so that her skin, hair and physical energy levels remain A-one at all times.

In the profession in which Sushmita, she has to carry makeup most of the time. Sushmita says that for this to not have a bad effect on my skin, I use some easy home remedies.

Sushmita says, “I prepare face scrub by mixing gram flour and cream and then massage my skin with this scrub for a while.” Explain that zinc and skin soothing properties are found in gram flour. It does not allow acne, pimples or other skin problems to occur on Sush’s skin.

Sushmita believes that without good diet and exercise, it is not possible to look or remain beautiful.

Sushmita likes to do gyming and push-ups only 4 days a week and the rest of the day works through yoga, stretching and other physical activities to strengthen and supple muscles.

Talking about diet, Sushmita Sen always gives priority to energy level. Grilled fish and green vegetables are definitely included in their every day food. Fish and green vegetables not only work to give energy to Sushmita, but also do not let the effect of age on their skin.

What do experts say ?
According to nutrition expert Nikhil Vats, the cream comes out of fat like milk. Helps to increase cholesterol in our body skin which comes from fat. Fat helps to maintain the pH level of the skin and maintain glowing in the skin. If the pH of the skin remains healthy, then the skin will also glow well. Nowadays, only cream is added to many sabun.

Nikhil says that the biggest benefit of eating grilled fish is that omega fatty acids are found in very good amounts. Omega maintains cholesterol levels in the body. As far as green vegetables are concerned, almost all the vitamins and minerals are available in them. In addition, this law contains these calories. Excess intake of these will not make you fatty.


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