The 67th National Award has been announced recently. In such a situation, the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s film Chhichhore received the award for Best Film at the 67th National Awards. After getting the award for Sushant’s film, everyone is remembering him once again. Sushant’s film is getting a wave of happiness among the fans on receiving the National Award, so the actor’s father is also very happy with it and he is proud of his son.

Chichhore, the last film released in theaters of the late Sushant Singh Rajput, has been awarded the 2019 National Film Award for Best Film. Sushant Singh Rajput was seen in the lead role in Chichhore and his acting was also liked by the fans.

What does Sushant’s father say

Sushant’s father expressed happiness that the honor he got today, Sushant deserved it, there was a passion inside him. We were confident that one day he would definitely illuminate the name of the family and the country. The actor’s father says that when he saw Chhichhore, he had become crazy about Sushant’s acting. It was only after MS Dhoni that I said that now my son has become a superstar.

At that time Sushant should have received the award for MS Dhoni. There was ability and passion inside my son. If he were among us today, I would have run and hugged him. He says that Sushant initially I was against Sushant’s acting. He says that when his son Gulshan became Sushant Singh Rajput, it was not known. Today I am proud of him but sad that we do not have it today.

Kangana’s reaction to Sushant

Kangana’s first reaction has come on this. Kangna while speaking to the media at Mumbai Airport has given best wishes to all the winners. Remembering Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana has said that I wish he were alive today to see his success. He always wanted his work to be appreciated, but before all this would have happened, he left this world.

Kangana has called upon the youth to say that the youth should take inspiration for the fact that in the end the victory is only the truth. People who create conspiracies, no matter how bad they want, will not succeed. Kangana was in Mumbai for the last few days.

Kangana’s smile means!

Kangana Ranaut was dubbing her films throughout the day today. Today when she reached dubbing, the photographers took her photos. Kangana looked very beautiful in the Indian avatar. The smile on his face was also telling that he is happy. If your fans want this smile, you can see it by linking it with the gritty of Uddhav Sarkar. As much as the Shiv Sena government of Maharashtra has troubled them, today that government is itself in trouble. This government can also fall soon, she has announced this many times on her Twitter handle.


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