CBI is investigating every aspect in Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case. Apart from CBI, NCB has also questioned many Bollywood stars. Recently, the CBI also questioned the woman who claimed that she had seen Sushant and Riya together on June 13, a day before Sushant’s death.

This woman’s name is Dimple Thawani and she is Riya Chakravarti’s neighbor. But when the CBI questioned this woman, she was seen to be overturning her statement. Now Riya Chakraborty has written a letter to the CBI officer in this case and said that appropriate action should be taken against this woman who lied about Sushant and Riya. According to reports, Dimple has not been picking up her phone for the past several hours. 

Let me tell you that this woman has given interviews to some news channels and had reiterated that she had seen Sushant and Riya together on June 13. When asked by the CBI about his statement given to the media, Dimple said that he had not seen Sushant and Riya together but had heard it by someone. When the CBI asked if they could identify the person who had seen Sushant and Riya together on the 13th. To this, the woman said that she does not have any idea about who that person was. 

Apart from this, Riya’s lawyer Satish Manashinde has also said that he will give the list of those who claimed mobile recordings and fake stories in the Sushant case on TV and electronic media. Especially in the context of Riya Chakraborty. Lawyer Satish Manashinde said that we will request the CBI to take legal action against them for misleading the investigation. Also, she said that Riya is still on bail and now she will meet people who tried to destroy her life. Significantly, after getting bail for Riya, many celebs have also come in their support.  


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