Sushant Singh Rajput came into discussion with the case and Riya Chakraborty, who is behind bars in jail in drugs case, is currently out on bail. Meanwhile, Riya’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde has said that we will give the list of those who claimed mobile recordings and fake stories in the Sushant case on TV and electronic media. Especially in the context of Riya Chakraborty.

Lawyer Satish Maneshinde said that we will request the CBI to take legal action against them for misleading the investigation. Also, she said that Riya is still on bail and now she will meet people who tried to destroy her life.

Lawyer Satish Maneshinde said, ‘I had said that once Riya Chakraborty comes out on bail, we will start going to the homes of those who put her life in the electronic media keeping fake news for her 2-minute benefit Tried to destroy.

She said that there is one such woman whose name is Dimple Thawani and she lives in the neighborhood of Riya Chakraborty and claims to be a big fan of Sushant Singh Rajput. He claimed that someone told him that Sushant Singh Rajput had dropped Riya Chakraborty at his house on the 13th.

CBI warns neighbor

The lawyer said, ‘This is a baseless rumor by a fan who is part of the media circus and wants to come into discussion with others who claim that he knows Sushant Singh. His statement was recorded by the CBI today and all of you will be happy to know what he said to the CBI in his statement. I will request all honest journalists to go to them now and record what they have to say. Satyameva Jayate.’

Meanwhile Riya’s neighbor Dimple Thawani was questioned by the CBI team on Sunday. When asked by the CBI about his statement given to the media, Dimple Thawani said that he had not seen Sushant and Riya together. But he had heard it from someone. When the CBI asked her if she could identify the person who had seen Sushant and Riya together on the 13th. To this, the woman said that she does not have any idea about who that person was. 

The CBI today also warned Dimple that there is no need to speak anything which is not right and which you have not seen yourself. Sushant Singh Rajput surprised everyone on June 14 by suicide at his flat in Bandra. After this, the CBI investigation is going on in the case.

An atmosphere of fear in the family: Riya’s mother,
earlier, Riya Chakraborty got bail in the drugs case. Riya is with her family after a month. 

During an interview to a news portal, Riya’s mother Sandhya expressed concern about her daughter’s health. He said that it is very important for his daughter to overcome all this. Now how will my daughter recover? I know she is a fighter. He has to be strong.

He said, ‘I am thinking that I will get her treated now. It is necessary to live it again. However, he is very worried about his son Shovik. Even if Sandhya believes, her son is still suffering a lot. No one knows when it happens 

Riya’s mother Sandhya says that now there is an atmosphere of fear. We have got CCTV cameras installed outside our house so that now it is already known who is outside. According to him, his family has become very scared due to the sudden arrival of an ED or a reporter. In such a situation CCTV cameras have been installed. 


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