On Saturday, October 17, Sun, the king of the planets, will enter its low sign Libra at 7: 02 in the morning. Sun is the weakest position in the zodiac Libra of the enemy Venus. The Libra zodiac consists of Chitra, Swati and Visakha constellations. While Jupiter, the lord of Chitra, the lord of Mars and Vishaka, the friend of the Sun, is the thirty-six figure of the Sun from Rahu, the lord of Swati, whose Sun in the horoscope is of Libra, they should recite ‘Adityahrudaya Stotra’ three times in the morning. Wearing red or yellow clothes. If daily is not possible, then definitely recite hymns on Saptami and Sunday.

On Sankranti, do Pitra Shradh with bathing and charity. If possible, plant mango, guava, ashoka, banyan, berries or vine tree. Now know what will be the effect on all the twelve zodiac signs when the Sun enters Libra.

Aries: There is a possibility of suffering in the journey. Possible reduction in income-reputation. Taurus: It is possible to get rid of disease. The enemy may be defeated. Meeting loved ones. Success in competitive exams.
Gemini: Increased mental stress. Ill health deteriorated. Disconnection from loved ones. Lack of creativity.   
Cancer: Health can be bad. Stress is possible due to lack of success in work. There may be a vehicle problem.   
Leo: You will get stagnant money. Victory over enemies Family celebration possible. There is a possibility of promotion.
Virgo: Loss from unnecessary stubbornness. Fear of being cheated Expenditure in the works of waste. Decreased happiness.
Libra: Money can be used in vain. Anger over stress in the workplace and home. Will have to do manual labor. 
Scorpio: Stress from mental confusion. Concern about health due to illness. Be alert from friends. Loss of money in vain works. Sagittarius: Possible to increase prestige-income. You will get freedom from diseases. 
Capricorn: Unfinished tasks will be completed. Can start a new job. Increase in reputation-income. Will get gifts  
Aquarius: Stress possible. Tasks may be interrupted. 
Pisces: Pay attention to the health of the elderly. Notice the property dispute.


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