Ishaan Kishan and Surya Kumar Yadav get a chance in the whole series

‘ Surya Kumar Yadav Used To Hit Scoops For Four Hours A Day, People Said He Was Playing Baseball’, Mentor Revealed The Secret: Zimbabwe’s Douglas Marillier sent a formidable bowler like Glenn McGrath to the boundary with a scoop shot at Perth. Of course, that was a long time ago. Many people still question whether Marillier is the inventor of the scoop shot.

Tillakaratne Dilshan of Sri Lanka used to score a lot of runs with scoops. His scoop became Dilscoop. That too happened a long time ago. India’s Surya Kumar Yadav took the scoop shot to the level of art. In the current T20 World Cup (ICC T-20 World Cup), his scoop shot is being practiced everywhere. Suryakumar Yadav, who is the subject of so much discussion, says that he learned this type of shot by playing with a rubber ball. His coach Vinayak Mane told News Daily Digital, “Dilshan was seen hitting the scoop. That’s why our sun is hitting a regular scoop now and then.

Before leaving for Australia, Suryakumar Yadav used to practice scoop shots for three to four hours at Parsi Gymkhana Club in Mumbai. At that time, many on the net were surprised to see Suryakumar Yadav playing innovative shots and said, “Is this cricket or baseball?” Godfather Yazdegardi knows Suryakumar Yadav, one of the pillars of India’s batting, like the back of his hand. He is the Vice President of the Parsi Gymkhana Club. “Our sun has changed the cricket manual,” he told Sangam Pratid Digital. Many hit and run in front. Surya hit behind the wicket and scored a run. Just as there is a V in front of the wicket, there is also a V at the back. That V extends from fine leg to the third man.”

Khodadad Yazdegardi is also Surya Kumar Yadav’s mentor. The sun is now playing in the mid-sky in Australia. Former cricketers are amazed by his various shots around the wicket. Ravi Shastri even asked, “How do you send the ball from the off-stump to the wicketkeeper’s head 5-6 inches from the left ear with legs folded?” Surya laughs. He said, “I’m used to it. I have no problem playing all these shots. When I used to play rubber ball cricket, I used to practice all these weird shots.”

Surya’s coach Vinayak Mane was saying with a smile, “Surya used to play with rubber balls before.” Ever since then I have heard of such strange shots being played. I also saw him hitting behind the wicket while playing under 19 for Mumbai. Now he has become an expert in scoop shots. Surya’s mentor Khodadad, however, is not at all surprised. He says, “Mr. 360 degrees of Indian cricket is Surya Kumar Yadav.” Former England cricketer Monty Panesar praised this explosive Indian batsman. He sees the Yuvraj of 2007 in the sun. Even Virat Kohli could not help but praise. Suryakumar Yadav’s name is Sky in domestic cricket. Godfather says, “Sky is limitless.”

His favorite Surya Kumar is a tall racehorse. Vice President of the Parsi Gymkhana Club says, “I am like Suryakumar’s father. He called me in the middle of the night. I stood by him in the bad times of Surya. I gave him courage. I advised him, you have to go further.”


Sky means sky. The sky of the sun was also cloudy once. At one time, he did not get a call to the national team. The national team was announced. Desperate Surya would call Khodadad and say, “The team has been announced. Even this time I didn’t get a call.”

Bringing up the topic of those days, Surya’s mentor was saying, “I used to say that none of us knows when it will rain during monsoons. But if we go out with a raincoat or an umbrella, at least we won’t get wet if it rains. So do what we have. If you can run, do it. One day the door will surely open for you. And if the door is not opened, the door will be broken in.”

After getting a chance in the T20 team, Suryakumar told his mentor, “Sir, my dream has come true.” Godfather stopped him midway and said, “You have to go further.” Don’t stop dreaming. ODIs, Test matches are still to be played.” Surya is dreaming. dreaming

Ravi Shastri has already said that the number five position in Test cricket is Suryakumar’s place. His coach Vinayak Mane feels that the student should have all kinds of weapons stocked before getting a chance in Test cricket. Vinayak was saying, “The kind of shots that Surya plays, no one can hit in Test cricket. But in ODI or T20 cricket, the batsman has to play such shots due to fielding restrictions. But now days are changing. Rishabh Pant also hits the reverse sweep. I say it’s better to learn all the shots. Its implementation should be proper.”

Suryakumar scoops and sends the ball to the boundary. Sends the ball over the fielder’s head into the gallery. Although it looks good, this shot game is very risky. It is also dangerous. If the timing is not right, the ball may come to the mouth or throat. The ball hit Suryakumar’s helmet once and a half. Vinayak was saying, “Many batsmen want to move away from the line of the ball coming at 150 mph. The deadly speed of the ball evokes fear. But the cage of Surya’s chest is very big. So he moves his body to the line of the ball. Finally keeps an eye on the ball. After that shoot.” And we are shocked to see that strange shot. I ask in my mind, how can I?

None of the opponent’s bowlers could stop his innovative shots in this World Cup. Ahead of the semi-final, England captain Jos Buttler said it would take one ball to get Surya out. Surya must have heard him. Today, the whole country is looking at Gandhi. Will the sun shine in Adelaide? And after a few hours, you will get the answer.

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