One in five workers in the unorganized sector is still unemployed in the country. That is, about 20 percent of the workers do not have work. This information has been provided by the survey conducted by Azim Premji University between the period October-December.

According to the survey, three percent of workers were unemployed and four percent were out of the labor market in the pre-lockdown (February). At the same time, 61 percent of the workers were unemployed and 10 percent of the labor market during the lockdown. If you look at the situation after the lockdown, 11 percent of the workers are still outside the labor market and eight percent are unemployed.

Two-thirds of the workers were unemployed

According to the survey, two-thirds (69%) of the workers employed during the month of February missed work during the lockdown. At the same time, after six months, 20 percent have still not got work. That is, they have not got work even one day in a month. The survey states that cities have lagged behind in providing employment. 27% of people in urban India are still out of work. At the same time, this number was 14% in October-December in rural India.

The economy did not fully recover

The survey said that the Indian economy has improved after the Corona crisis and lockdown, but it has not yet fully improved. The report said that the income of those who got work has improved, but the condition of those who have not got work has remained miserable. Women are worst in this situation.

Poor most affected by epidemic

According to the survey, the poorest of the epidemic have been the worst affected. This is because the corona virus epidemic affected all kinds of work in the country. Closure of millions of factories, small industries and large companies created an employment crisis. This has badly affected their income. In the survey, if the laborer reports to work for even one day in a month, the workers are considered employed.


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