High court seeks reply from Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald case

Supreme Court: Communist Navlakha Can Stay In The Party Office During House Arrest: Gautam Navlakha, accused in Maharashtra’s Elgar Parishad-Maoist link case, was granted house arrest ten days ago by the Supreme Court. Considering the physical condition of the seventy-year-old Navlakha, the Supreme Court gave him this opportunity. But the judge could not be implemented due to various complications and the objection of the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Today, the Supreme Court overruled the NIA’s objection and asked Navlakha to be immediately placed under house arrest outside the jail. Navlakha can stay in the party office during house arrest, the court said. A bench of Justice KM Joseph dismissed the NIA’s objection and questioned whether the Communist Party was a recognized political party. If there is anyone there is no objection!

Navlakha’s lawyer told the Supreme Court yesterday that the order for his release has not yet been executed. This veteran communist leader is in jail in Mumbai.

In response to Chief Justice DY Chandrachud’s question, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) said that the address given by Navlakha while under house arrest was an office of the Communist Party. NIA has raised the question, can a prisoner spend a period of house arrest in the party office?

The Chief Justice in view of the complaint of the accused Navlakha’s lawyer and the statement of the NIA
Ordered to initiate a new case. Incidentally, the main allegation, in that case, was that Navalakha, a believer in Maoist politics, and his associates were involved in a conspiracy to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Chief Justice D
A senior lawyer appearing for Navlakha before a bench headed by Y Chandrachud pointed out that even the apex court’s order is not being implemented. On the other hand, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the NIA, said that instead of giving his home address, the accused gave the address of the Communist Party office. Can an accused be allowed to stay in the party office?

The apex court said that both the pleas of the investigating agency and the accused would be heard together before a bench headed by Justice KM Joseph. The bench delivered its verdict today.

The apex court had on November 10 allowed Praveen Navlakha to be placed under house arrest due to deteriorating health. He is now lodged in a jail in the suburbs of Mumbai.

The court imposed a series of conditions while allowing the accused Navlakha to remain under house arrest.

Navlakha is said to be unable to access the internet or use mobile phones or other electronic gadgets without a police-issued cellphone. You can talk in front of the police for 10 minutes every day. It must be a normal phone and the phone’s messages or call logs cannot be deleted.

As a condition, Navlakha can only watch TV and read newspapers and books. The right to walk outside the house every day in the presence of the police. However, he cannot leave Mumbai during his house arrest. Only his sister and daughter can visit him once a week, for three hours.
CCTV cameras should be installed around his house.

The court also stipulated that Navlakha should deposit Tk 240,000 to the administration for the cost of surveillance, which will be returned when he is released.


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