On Thursday, the Supreme Court has given a big verdict on the petition filed for the demand of permanent commission to women officers in the Indian Army and Navy. The Supreme Court has directed the Army to consider giving permanent commission for women officers within a month and following the prescribed procedure, they should be given permanent commission within 2 months. The Supreme Court said that this will continue in the army and they will take advantage of all the benefits. Apart from this, the Supreme Court described the medical fitness criteria made for women officers for the Permanent Commission as arbitrary and irrational. The Supreme Court held that the evaluation criteria adopted by the army lead to discrimination of women.

The Supreme Court, while hearing the case related to the permanent commission to women officers in the Indian Army, has made sharp remarks. Supreme Court Judge DY Chandrachud said that the ceiling of 250 has not been passed till 2010. He said that the data that has been put on record completely demolishes the benchmarking of the case.

Regarding the Standing Commission for Women Officers in the Indian Army and Navy, the Supreme Court said that there can be no judicial review of the standards adopted by the Army. On the petition filed by the women officers regarding this matter, the Supreme Court Bench, while giving its verdict, said that a career in the army comes with many trials. This becomes even more difficult when society imposes responsibility for childcare and domestic work on women.

7 women officers had filed the petition

Let us tell you that the Supreme Court was hearing a petition filed by 17 women officers of the Indian Army today. It was alleged in the petition that the Army has not yet provided 50% Permanent Commission (PC) to women officers despite the Supreme Court ruling. The Delhi High Court’s decision to give permanent commission to women officers in the army was also approved by the Supreme Court last year. The court had said that the Center is obliged to give permanent command to women in all the areas except the Combat areas in the army.


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