Super Star: What To Think About Those Who Ignore Krishna!?: Super Star Krishna is an actor who has left his mark on the Telugu film industry as an actor for five decades. Moreover, he is a country-wide renowned producer. He has produced many successful films not only in Telugu but also in Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, and Hindi languages. When the news of his death came, fans from two Telugu states came to Hyderabad in droves to see their favorite actor, spending money in their pockets. But the movie celebrities of foreign states who gained popularity with his movies showed their faces.

Krishna’s association with Tamil cinema is not all! His career in the film industry started in Chennai. Krishna has a deep bond with the greats of Tamil cinema. Krishna produced many films in Tamil. Krishnam Raju remade the Telugu super hit ‘Sivamettina Satyam’ with Shivaji Ganesan as ‘Vishwaroopam’. The Kannada film ‘Antha’ was remade in Tamil as ‘Tyagi’ with Sivaji Ganesan. Rajinikanth made the movie ‘Maviran’ as the hero. Sivaji acted in Telugu movies Nivuru Gappina Nippu, Bejawada Bebbuli, and Vishwanatha Nayaka along with Ganesan Krishna. Shivaji Ganesan’s son Prabhu is now acting in many Telugu films. Remembering Krishna’s relationship with his father, Prabhu should have come to Hyderabad. But did not come. Rajinikanth also acted with Krishna in ‘Ram Robert Rahim’, ‘Annadammula Saawal’, and ‘Iddaru Asadhyule’. He also did not come to Bhagyanagar for his last look. They just left a message. Actress Suhasini acted opposite Krishna as the heroine in several films. A few days ago, she came to Hyderabad for the promotion of her husband Mani Ratnam’s movie ‘Ponniyan Selvan, and it seems surprising that she did not get time to pay tribute to Krishna’s physical body.

All this is one step, but Bollywood stars are another step. Krishna has a deep connection with Hindi cinema. At a time when everyone thought that hero Jitendra’s time was over, Krishna remade the films here in Hindi and raised Jitendra’s career once again. He co-starred with NTR in the film ‘Devudu Irsa Bishamru’ in Hindi titled ‘Tukkar’ with Sanjeev Kumar and Jitendra. Similarly, the Kannada film ‘Antha’ was made in Hindi as ‘Meri Awaaz Suno’ with Jitendra. Krishna had to fight a big battle for its release. The movie was released after obtaining permission from the court. And his ‘Uoriki Monagadu’ was made into Hindi with Jitendra as ‘Himmat Wala’ and he credited him with great success. ‘Chuttalunrunna Bhadya’ was remade as ‘Mawali’, Chiranjeevi’s ‘Khaidi’, and NTR’s ‘Justice Chaudhary’ with Jitendra in Hindi with the same titles. ‘Shakti’ was produced under the name ‘Com Yab’ and ‘Karai Rowdylu’ was produced under the name ‘Hoshiar’ with Jitendra. While he acted here in the movie ‘Simhasanam’, Jitendra was cast in the Hindi version. Jitendra remade his ‘Muddai’ as ‘Muzreem’ and Rajasekhar starrer ‘Ahuti’ as ‘Kanwar Lal’. Many people were surprised that Jitendra did not even come to see Krishna, who was good for Jitendra’s second innings. If Jitendra could not come to Hyderabad due to his age, his daughter Ekta Kapoor or son Tusshar Kapoor should have come. Because Krishna also produced a movie in Hindi with Tusshar Kapoor. The Telugu movie ‘Swayamvaram’ was remade in Hindi as ‘Kya Dil Ne Kaha’ with Tusshar Kapoor and Esha Deol. Dino Morea, Bipasha Basu, Govind, Tabu, Isha Koppikar, and Juhi Chawla are among those who acted in Krishna’s Hindi movies.

Similarly, Sridevi’s establishment in Bollywood is also due to Hindi movies produced by Krishna. Krishna produced a movie with Sridevi as the female lead in ‘Himmat Wala’ at the same time when her film ‘Padarella Awadh’ was a flop in Uttara. Also, with films like ‘Justice Chaudhary, and Mawali’, she got a solid foundation. Krishna gave a lot of lift to Sridevi in ​​Telugu as well. Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor had to come to Hyderabad to pay respects to Krishna’s mortal remains even though he recognized his dead wife’s association with Krishna and the Padmalaya organization. But he also made a face. He managed to come to Hyderabad for the promotion of his daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s Hindi movie ‘Milli’ but he could not see Krishna at all! It hurts anyone that they don’t show us the love that our grandchildren show for foreign film celebrities. It is natural for them to act like that in the case of Krishna, whose mind is as pure as a jasmine flower, which doubles the pain!


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