Investors Are Eyeing A Bull Wave: Will Bull Wave Take Nifty to 18,300 Today? The Indian market is looking forward. The confidence of foreign funds in Power to all possibilities. At the same time money in European countries and Britain is most acute in the global economy. A V fears that Russia will crack the part Nifty gains 330 points, and Bombay Sensex shows strength for the third week S 990 points also rose.

US Fed cuts interest rate by 125 basis points nt growth to be implemented in the next four months It’s coming. to five percent from the current four percent, Interest may rise in the U.S. Britain is at 40-year high inflation. Eight times in a short period of time, the Inflation on the rise despite interest rate hikes Couldn’t sew. The most recent actions by the Bank of England can be expected from

Last week, BSE Metal Index was up 4.7 percent. Life Care, Oil, Gas, and Capital Goods Index increased by more than two percent. Bajaj Finserv, Sun Pharma, SBI, HDFC, HD FC Bank, Indus Bank, Axis Bank, Infosys s, TCS, Wipro, HCltech, RIL, IT C, M&M, HUL, and Tata Steel started Bidders also showed interest. At the same time gain funds and sale proceeds. Radium Maruti, HUL, Airtel, ICICI Bank, and Axis Bank.

Domestic Mutual Funds Sweetness of Profit lick Last week they sold shares worth Rs 4496 crore. Conducted by In eight out of the last nine working days, Lipan was given the upper hand. At the same time, foreign financial institutions were No deniers on all the days the songs happened. A total of Rs 10,339 crore was collected from this land. Rich.

Forex is up a range. Rs. Durba rose to 83.20 from 82.48 against the dollar. Weekend due to foreign visits improved to 82.32.
The Bombay index rose to 61,289 from last week’s 59,959 points. finished Index of buying interest in the previous series of shares You can guess while the light shines. 60,600 range of profit taken by operators. 60,950 by the close of last Friday. n.

Domestic equity index Nifty down 2 percent on the week Raised near the honor. Nifty also held the remaining 18,000 points during the long interval. Spit. The rest of the market closed at 18,178, a jump from 17,786. Singh has 18,117 points. Resistance at the 18,230 -18,350 range and 17,950 – 17,790 range for you this week can be
Strict control following the spread of Covid China withdraws from the US over the weekend Asian Ma Arousal was created in rackets. The bull in the Shanghai index on Friday Targam is only available in Hong Kong and Korean markets. Lalla also caused movement in the European markets. In a new development today, the Singapore Nifty The jump in taps in the first half is It can also create great excitement in the Indian market.

The price of crude oil has gone up. The weekend oil price was 98.51 dollars per barrel. FUND BETWEEN FLUCTUATIONS IN THE DOLLAR INDEX Weekend Nikshepat Matsa at Manjlohat Rich. Gold settled at $1,645 per troy ounce in the international market. It also went up to 1,683 dollars.


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