Bollywood actress Sunny Leone keeps raging on social media with her bold pictures. Now he has shared a bold photo of him, which is becoming fiercely viral. Sunny Leone is seen wearing a bikini in the picture. This picture of him is being fiercely liked and shared.

Sunny Leone shared this photo on her Instagram account. In the picture, Sunny Leone is seen wearing a blue bikini and chilling in the pool. Sunny Leone is wearing a cap with her name written on it. Although his face is not visible due to the cap, he posted in the caption, “If someone has forgotten my name, it is written on my hat.”

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During the shooting of Sunny Leone, the goons created a ruckus

Sunny Leone is currently shooting for Vikram Bhatt’s most awaited web series ‘Anamika’. The shooting of this show has seen a lot of ruckus recently. At the same time Vikram Bhatt somehow secured Sunny Leone by taking her to a vanity van. After this, he had to change the location of the show along with giving money. The hooliganism was about 38 lakh rupees, about which Vikram Bhatt himself revealed.

It is reported that the goons forced Vikram Bhatt to give Rs 13-14 lakh to Bollywood’s well-known action director-stunt coordinator Abbas Ali Mogul. According to a report in ETimes, when Sunny Leone was shooting for ‘Anamika’ on the sets of Vikram Bhatt, some people from the Fighters Association entered there, demanding Vikram to give Rs 38 lakh to Abbas. These rupees were sought for the work done by him in 8 projects. Vikram Bhatt told- ‘I was shocked, I did not know what to do. But my first reaction was to keep Sunny Leone safe ‘.

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Vikram further explained that ‘I was forced to send screenshots of the check which I will give to Abbas. After this, some Mortaza came on the set and took the check. By then, the sun had set and I could not shoot my scene.

Abbas’s response to this report has also been told. In the whole matter, Abbas said, ‘What to say now? The Fighters ‘Association is investigating it, hoping to find a solution.’ On this Vikram said- ‘What are they talking about? What solution will you find? If I missed two of Abbas’ calls, couldn’t he come to talk in some other way? Let me tell you that it was not 38 lakh rupees that I gave him. He did not have any agreement and contract with me. He doesn’t even have a bill ‘.


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