Mumbai: The popular standup comedian Sunil Pal released a video containing disputed statements blaming the doctors for Corona disease as well as all the doctors who have been infected with the corona, and the Association of Resident Doctors of AIIMS raised strong objection to this. They demanded the arrest of Sunil Pal.



Sunil Pal made a video in which he termed most doctors as ‘thieves’ and said that the treatment of corona is being massively rigged and unscrupulous doctors are robbing poor corona patients on the pretext of treatment.



Sunil Pal in this video, using words like ‘thief’, ‘devil’ and ‘dishonest’ for doctors, pleading with the government that whichever ward of all hospitals is undergoing treatment for corona patients, CCTV cameras should be installed there so that the fraud of doctors can be busted in the name of fake treatment of Corona.
Sunil does not stop here in this video. He made another serious accusation on the doctors that after the death of poor patients admitted for treatment due to fake treatment, their bodies are not handed over to their families in the name of Corona and human organs are being trafficked by these doctors. is.
Expressing strong objection to Sunil Pal’s video containing this controversial statement, the Association of Resident Doctors of AIIMS tagged Home Minister Amit Shah in his tweet, writing – “All the doctors to offer every sacrifice to save India from Kovid-19.” In such a situation, Sunil Pal’s statement about these messiahs is totally unacceptable. Honorable @AmitShah ji urges RI to put @iSunilPal behind bars immediately under AIIMS epidemic law. He should be punished needed.”
When ABP News contacted Sunil Pal about this controversy and the demand for arrest by the doctors, he said, “I have said at the beginning of the video that 90% percent of the 100% doctors are dishonest and devilish. I want all the doctors I am not telling the dishonest and the devil. In such a situation what is the need of AIIMS doctors to feel bad? Do they believe that 90% of them are in such doctors and they are not counted in 10% of good doctors? “
Sunil further adds, “Why is it happening that the corona disease is causing so much trouble to the poor while the rich and all the celebrities are recovering quickly and returning home? It is a matter of wondering what is this matter and somewhere corona Are the doctors not engaged in fraudulent treatment in the name of treatment? I have made this video to urge the government to investigate the same thing. “
Sunil further said, “I knew at least 10 people who died due to corona infection. It was only then that I decided to make such a video. If doctors feel that I If I apologize to him for the video, it will not happen at all. I am ready to arrest him. “


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