Sukanya’s Speech Is The Tool Of CBI, Mandal Is In Big Trouble In Cow Smuggling Case: The girl knew almost nothing. Investigators alleged that Trinamool Birbhum district president Anubrata Mandal invested the black money from cow smuggling in the bank account of Trinamool Birbhum district president Anubrata Mandal, keeping him in the dark. It is known from the sources of the investigating agency that all those transactions were done without his knowledge, Suknya Mandal said that now the ED or Enforcement Directorate is preparing to interrogate Anuvrata in a new way using Sukanya’s written statement in the Cow Smuggling Case. Anuvrata is now in Asansol Jail. The ED is going to make the demand in the court to go there this week and interrogate him.

According to a group of lawyers, Sukanya has presented the real situation before the investigators. Sukanya’s statement will go against Anuvrata. The ED investigators are reportedly planning to use the statement as a legal tool against Anubrata. According to ED sources, Sukanya wrote all her speech in her own hand. And the entire episode of interrogation has been captured on video.

ED claims, during interrogation, Sukanya said that she did not know anything about any financial transaction. His accountant knows everything. Sukanya further claimed that she never went to the bank and deposited the cash. He does not know exactly where the property is. Sukanya, who used to deposit cash in her bank account almost every day, was also summoned, the ED said. The man, Sukanya’s accountant, and Sukanya herself were interrogated face to face.

Incidentally, Sukanya was summoned to Delhi on October 27 for questioning. But Kest-Kanya wanted time as he was in another state for the treatment of a girlfriend. After that, he was called again on 2 November. On that day, Sukanya confronted the investigators with her accountant Manish Kothari. It is said that he was interrogated for about 22 hours on three consecutive days.

According to the investigators, Sukanya is the director of several companies, and crores of rupees have been deposited in her bank account. The transaction has also been done. Assets worth crores of rupees, including various rice vehicles bought through his company, have been traced. Since 2015, his bank deposits and assets have grown at a jet speed. The investigation has revealed that since 2018, cash has been deposited in his name in various state-owned and private bank accounts of Bolpur almost every day. But she is a primary school teacher by profession. And he got that job in 2014.

An investigating officer said that Sukanya was initially avoiding the subject of all those transactions and properties. It was thought that he knew everything but was not cooperating with the investigation. After that, Sukanya was questioned about various companies, properties, and bank deposits one by one. All those documents bear the signature of Sukanya. But Sukanya said that he did not know anything about all that.

According to ED, Sukanya told the investigators, showing the accountant who was sitting next to him during the interrogation, ‘He used to bring all kinds of documents. I just signed all the documents as per my father’s instructions. More than that I really don’t know.’ According to the investigators, Kest-Kanya pointed to the person who used to deposit money in Sukanya’s bank account and said, ‘He used to deposit money in my bank account. But money was never discussed with me.’


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