If you are going somewhere by bike and the leopard comes in front of your car on the road and there is a dense forest on either side of the road, then imagine what will happen to you. Something similar happened with the Village Development Officer of Mihimpurwa, Bahraich.

People panicked after the leopard came in front of the village development officer’s car going to inspect the development works in Murtiha village. Meanwhile, the video showed a bike rider coming on the Nepal-Gulhariya route of Murtiha range. Seeing the leopard, the bike rider was scared. He turned the bike and started running from there. He got out of the bike by speed and saved his life. This incident was also captured in the mobile video of the village development officer.

 In fact, village development officer Shailesh Singh of Mihiampurwa block of Katarniaghat Wildlife Division along with his colleagues was going to test the quality of community toilets under construction in Murtiha village on Sunday and tag the work being done there. As soon as his car reached the Nepal-Gulhariya road through the thick jungles of the Murtiha range, then suddenly the leopard came out of the forest in front of his car. 

 Murtiha’s secretary Shailesh Singh, employment servant Prem Kumar, Hakeem Ansari and Abuosama Usmani told that they were very frightened to see the leopard in front of their car. The leopard continued to run in front of the car for some time. During this time, Hakim Ansari, in the car, captured the pictures of the leopard in his mobile camera.

Village Development Officer Shailesh Singh said that his work area falls in the middle of dense forests. They are often vulnerable to wild animals. He told that we had a very scary experience for all of them that the leopard came in front of our car. Remembering that moment, they are feeling quite thrilled.


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