Once a group of friends set out to roam the mountains. On the way, he stops on the highway to have lunch and enters a hotel there. Around 50 people are eating food inside. Everyone ordered things of their choice and everyone started eating food leisurely. 

Then a cockroach flew from somewhere and sat on the woman’s shoulder and just what was it then the woman started screaming. Seeing him, not only his friends but other people of the hotel shouted. The woman started flirting. 

Then Cockroach flew again and this time sat on the ear of a woman sitting at another table. The woman also started screaming. In this way, he sat near the four four-five caucuses, everyone else splattered. Some tried to kill him but he could not get caught. 

There was a waiter standing behind who was watching everything. By the time he understood something, Cockroach flew again and sat on the waiter’s nose. But the waiter did not shout, he stood up completely and he also fixed the cockroach. Then he slowly raised his hand and grabbed the cockroach and threw it outside the hotel. Now the thing to think is that only the cockroach has caused so much buzz in the hotel because of someone sitting on top. But Cockroach was also sitting on top of the waiter. But he was calm and solved the problem.

If the waiter too got nervous and started screaming, he too could not control the situation and could not find a solution to the problem.

Lesson: This story brings out the summary that our success depends on how we react to the challenges.


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