Strong Password: Do You Want Passwords That Will Not Hack Your Account..? Here It Is: With the increase in technology, frauds are happening at the same level. Before setting passwords for different e-mails as well as different accounts, you should set strong passwords.

With the increase in technology, frauds are happening at the same level. Tech experts warn that you should set strong passwords before setting passwords for different e-mails as well as different accounts, otherwise your account may be hacked. It is now common practice to store most personal information digitally. Some hackers are trying to steal such information. New technology is being used to steal complete data related to e-mails and bank accounts. Currently, cyber crimes are on the rise. For this, the police have also been closely monitored. Police and tech experts suggest being very careful with passwords for e-mails and other social media accounts. It is suggested to keep passwords in such a way that no one can remember them. The number of people committing online fraud is increasing. Everyone should be careful not to fall under the burden of such fraud. Experts suggest changing the password regularly. Also, it is very important to set passwords in such a way that hackers cannot know them.

Passwords with security.

☛ Make sure that the password has at least 8 characters. The higher the number, the stronger the password.

☛ Password should contain upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. For example.. something like svK@E7uG.

☛ Do not use common dictionary words. Do not use common words like it is locked or thisismypassword for example. It is better to use strong passwords.

☛ Many people don’t like to use sequences of characters like ‘qwerty’ or ‘asdfg’ or ‘zxcvb’ on the keyboard to find password easily.

☛ Never use consecutive English words abcdefg, zyxwv or consecutive numbers 12345678 to set passwords.

☛ Do not use common words like your name, names of family members, names of leaders, names of your children, name of your village, names of favorite celebrities, doorbell, or door 123, which are easily guessable words.

☛ Make sure that the password is a bit long. Many people add your name, or the date of birth and year to the names of family members as a password. For example Kiran@1976. Fraudsters can be identified quickly if this is done. That’s why it is better to make sure that the password does not contain anything like this. Tech experts suggest that it is better to use words that nobody can guess as passwords.

By keeping such strong passwords, your bank account, net banking, phone pay, Paytm, Facebook and other social media accounts, bank account passwords, and others are safe. Thanks to the current technology hackers are finding passwords easily. Due to this, there is a possibility of losing personal details as well as the money in the account. Otherwise, you will have to face serious problems. Even Google is already alerting people by releasing easy passwords that are often used by many people.


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