Strange Thieves: Thieves Who Send Stolen Gold To The Owner By ‘Courier’: The house owner as well as the police were shocked by this.

Whether it is gold, money, or any other valuables stolen from the house, it will not be recovered. It should be said that the recovery of stolen property reported to the police is a lie. But there was a huge theft of gold in a house. The gold was returned safely to the owner. If you think this is a big feature..another shocking feature is that the thieves who broke into the house and stole the gold themselves sent the stolen gold to the owner through a ‘courier’..! It is shocking to hear. Moreover, the looted property and the gold was sent back to the owner safely, so it seems that those thieves are very good thieves. If this is the case, the owner who lost the gold is in a situation where he cannot recover from this unexpected development. Why did you steal? Not knowing why he had sent the property back again, the owner of the house was furious. Along with him, the police, who received a complaint about this gold theft, are also cracking down. If we go into this interesting incident that happened in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

According to police in Ghaziabad, Preeti Sirohi, a teacher living in Fortune Residency Housing Society under Rajanagar Extension, went to her native village Bulandshahr on October 23 to celebrate Diwali. Returned on October 27 evening. On returning home, it didn’t take long to find out that the house had been locked and the cupboards were open and thieves had ransacked it. Rs. 25 thousand in cash and 14 lakhs worth were found missing. She immediately went to the police station and filed a complaint. The police registered the case and investigated the CCTV footage of the society. It was recorded that a thief broke into the teacher’s house. While the case was under investigation, after four days, Preeti received a parcel from an unknown person. Fearing what was in it, Preeti handed it over to the police.

When the police opened the parcel, they found some of the stolen gold jewelry. The police were shocked by this. The teacher who found her jewelry took some time to recover from the shock. She was surprised to find that the parcel that arrived in the DTDC courier had Preeti’s name, flat number, and mobile number. The gold jewelry returned by the thief is worth Rs. Police said it will be between 4 to 1 lakh. another small box in that box, there were also the Roldgold ornaments that were taken that day. The police who went there were once again shocked as the box appeared to have come from Rajdeep Jewelers in Hapur. Because they came back knowing that there was no shop of that name. When the staff of the company that took the courier was asked, they said that two boys came and booked it. The police are inquiring as to who sent them.


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