If by looking at the OK computer, you will speculate about the future, then know for sure that you will go into depression. There will not be a brain in humans and creativity will be such an empty box, whose hole will be blush on seeing the hole. But it is a matter of the future. At the moment, the OK computer writers have forgotten that they are making the story of 2031 for the audience of 2021. Fortunately, this is a tsunami of ideas and the creativity of cinema is in a glorious phase. In such a situation, this webseries of six episodes on Disney Hotstar is a joke in the name of dark comedy. Away from the dark, comedy is not available in it. Looking at it, it seems that a Hollywood film with a futuristic story of the 1970s is going on. Which makes better cinema today’s diploma students.

You will have to keep pretending to be a fake intellectual by yourself, looking at the six-quarter-hour OK computer, or else you will stop it in the middle after listening to the voice of the soul. Webseries has neither a story of style, nor dialogue nor the acting of artists. Although the artists are less guilty. The real responsibility lies with the writers and directors. In 2013, Anand Gandhi earned the name from the film ‘Ship of Theseus’, which was highly acclaimed by a certain audience. Then he joined a successful film like Tumbad (2018) but in the same year he gave a bore film like ‘Helicopter Ella’. He is a Creator Producer at OK Computer. He has written the story together with director duo Pooja Shetty-Neil Pagadar. It is clear from Anand Gandhi’s record that he has nothing to do with the general audience. Spirituality-focused hyper-intellectualism is at the heart of his creation process.

Ok Computer Review: Strange robot story has no power, Radhika disappoints Apte’s webseries

When the basic problems related to road-water-electricity-hospital-education are not being solved in 2021, then in 2031, the country will develop so much that all computers will be handled. Automated cars will run, robots will have a parallel world, human rights such as robotic rights activists, politicians-celebrities will replace robots and become so popular that they will be almost worshiped. OK computer makes a bad mistake. Which has no roots in the sky nor sky. She is unable to explain in simple words and simple scenes that computerization has removed the human being from the person and removed the senses of his sensation. The time has come for us to go closer to nature and look into our souls. So that the future is bright and the coming generations can live together like a creative family, free from discrimination, discrimination, caste and religion.

Ok Computer Review: Strange robot story has no power, Radhika disappoints Apte’s webseries

The story of OK Computer begins in 2031 with the crash of a man in an escape by an automated / robotic car. The face of the deceased is severely crushed and the car crashed into the tree is injured. Police officer Sajan Kundu (Vijay Verma) arrives at the scene. Robot rights activist Lakshmi (Radhika Apte) also comes there. Sajan tells the car the perpetrator of the accident but Lakshmi says that someone had hacked the car, so the car is innocent. The question arises that after all, who is going to hack a car and kill a person and then who is going to die too. Why was the murder The story starts with these questions and reaches the strange (robot made of tin coaches, pipes and wires). This ambitious robot was built by the great scientists of India in 2026. He was confident that the strange countrymen would end all their problems. But Strange became a standup comedian. Strange is arrested on the charge of killing the man and is also found guilty. But is it true? The story progresses further. Human existence goes to the question and answer of the world and the universe. The questions that humans could not find answers to in the past thousands of years are also unresolved here.

Ok Computer Review: Strange robot story has no power, Radhika disappoints Apte’s webseries

In the name of telling the future, just like some people do fraud business, so is OK computer. In which there is talk of baseless legs. Its dialogues were also not worked properly. The characters are ridiculously woven. OK computers are an example of how trusted names or brands deceive consumers in the market. You wonder what actors like Vijay Verma, Radhika Apte, Jackie Shroff and Rasika Duggal are lacking in work or they have done webseries in the name of Anand Gandhi and Disney-Hotstar. Even after these things, if you want to test your intelligence, then OK Computer is for you.


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