Story 9 Months Ki

Story 9 Months Ki 10th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Alia has withdrawn her divorce application. Alia had filed for divorce last year and had also made several allegations against Nawazuddin and his family. During a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Alia spoke about her decision to withdraw the divorce application. He also shared many things related to this matter.

I am ready to compromise my happiness for the kids too.
Alia said, “So far my and Nawaz’s relationship has gone through many ups and downs and before it completely breaks down. We have again changed our relationship to another Thought about giving a chance. It was not so easy for me to take this decision. Once the relationship gets bad, it is not easy to correct it again. But I can do everything for the happiness of my children. My fight too Started for the children, they are my life. If they are happy to come with me and Nawaz, then there is nothing for me more than their happiness. For them I am ready to compromise my happiness and thinking Am. ”

Nawaz fulfilled his father’s duty,
Alia further said, “I have not met Nawaz for the last one year. However, we have a phone conversation about our children. In this one year I felt that the child is very much Missing, he needs a father. Nawaz cared for me a lot when I was sick, I was cuddled. From taking the children on their own to their studies, even taking them to the shoot. , Nawaz did all the responsibility. Nawaz had increased the responsibility of the house because of the children’s caretaker being ill. Nawaz would never have spent so much time with the children. As much as he has spent the last year. Must have realized this too. He performed every duty of his father, seeing that I decided to give my relationship a chance again. ”

I have withdrawn the divorce application.
Alia said, “Apart from the father, Nawaz also handled the husband’s responsibility very well. Despite all this, he took care of me in my illness. The case is going on, even then He was always calling me to know my health. He never let me realize that I had done a case against him, which should not have been done. He never turned back and made a case for me or did not create a problem for me. I have withdrawn my divorce application. ”

Aaliya could not interrupt her personal Iago , saying, “In this one year I realized that it is very important for a woman to have her own identity. When walking with the identity of others, it is important to keep our identity as well. We should keep our relationship moving forward. Sometimes we end the relationship for our Iago, which is wrong. A lot of wrong things happened to me, which led me to take this step. Being a celebrity Because of this there was talk in the media, which could not be stopped. My fight was for the children and if they are happy, then I cannot bring my personal Iago in the middle and I did the same. ”


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