Stopping Ajay Devgan's car, this man said - be against Punjab, shame

Police arrested a youth on Tuesday for blocking the car of actor Ajay Devgan outside Goregaon Film City in Mumbai. The arrested youth stood in front of Ajay Devgan’s car and started committing a ruckus. It is alleged that he stopped the car of Ajay Devgan and told him – You are against Punjab in the farmers’ movement, shame.

Due to this, Ajay Devgan could not go further. This incident is about 9 o’clock in the morning. Later the bodyguard of the actor informed the police about the case. After which the police reached the spot and arrested the accused youth.

Police has filed a complaint under section 341, 504, 506 of IPC against Rajdeep, who stopped Ajay Devgan’s car. Police is investigating the background of Rajdeep. Significantly, Rajdeep Singh Dhaliwal, who stopped Ajay Devgan’s car, is being told of Punjab. According to the report, he works for the National Congress Party.

This is the whole case

According to the information, actor Ajay Devgan was going to Film City located in Goregaon East for the shooting of one of his films. At the same time, just before the Gate of Film City, a man named Rajdeep stopped his car and started committing a commotion. He started telling Ajay Devgan that farmers in Delhi have been agitating, demonstrating for so many days, but why are you not tweeting in support of him? He also said in Punjabi that you people are against Punjab, shame.

Ajay Devgan’s car remained parked on the road for about 15 minutes. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and rescued Ajay Devgan’s car and left it on his set inside Film City. Dindoshi police has arrested Rajdeep, who stopped Ajay Devgan’s car.

Rajdeep’s companions are demanding release

At the same time, a friend of a youth named Rajdeep, who stopped the car, told that he had gone to talk to Ajay Devgan only for the rights of the farmers. He does not have any major crime, then why the police arrested him, it is not understood. Rajdeep’s partner demanded his release and said that Rajdeep Bye wants Ajay Devgan to raise his voice for the farmers. This is not a crime, but the police is not understanding the side of Rajdeep. There is no freedom in this country to express its feelings. The police cannot arrest Rajdeep. We demand the immediate release of Rajdeep.


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