Stokes Is A Textbook On How To Deal With Depression: Seeing Ben Stokes standing with the T20 World Cup trophy fills the mind with joy. Stokes can be looked up to by all those who are saddened by their failure in life.

A T20 World Cup final was held in Kolkata six years ago. That day, the Windies grabbed the victory in Stokes’ over. Carlos Brathwaite thrashed Stokes mercilessly. Four consecutive sixes!

‘ Brathwaite; Remember the name,” shouted Ian Bishop through the commentary box. Caribbean Pata is world champions. Stokes was hated for being responsible for the humiliating defeat.
Former English offspinner Graeme Swann recently said that those four sixes still give him sleep. A wound that has not healed even after falling for many years! What an impact that must have had on stocks!


Stokes’ mental health deteriorated thereafter. He had to take an indefinite leave from cricket. Stokes took daily medication to combat depression.
Stokes also lost his beloved father. Stokes’ father died of brain cancer. This is what Stokes had to say about the demise.

‘My father loved to watch me play cricket. But due to the busyness of the game, I could not take care of my father in the last period. And then I hated this game.

Despite all these setbacks, Big Ben did not give up. He rose from the cross!

England has now won two World Cups under Stokes. Brathwaite, who used to belittle Stokes to a grain of clay, has become a commentator. Isn’t this real-life success?


Stokes is a textbook on how to deal with depression. Our society is very ignorant about mental health. Many people do not know that depression is a disease that needs treatment. Have you ever met someone who genuinely believes that listening to music can cure depression?

Stokes is a player with an extraordinary mentality. We have seen it in high-pressure venues like World Cup and Ashes. To say that even Stokes suffered from depression suggests the seriousness of the disease.
Stokes was open about the disease-


‘Many people are reluctant to admit that they have poor mental health. But I don’t hesitate. I needed the doctor’s help when my mind was exhausted. And I accepted it

Stokes is a great role model not just for sports stars but for all human beings.
Stokes is a New Zealander by birth.

It was because of him that the England cricket team had its brightest achievements! Stokes is proclaiming that sport knows no boundaries.

Let there be unpleasant events in life. Life may also give us a chance to become Stokes one day. Don’t forget it!


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