Starting From Zero, They Created A Company Of Tens Of Thousands Of Crores Of Rupees! Let’s Not Look At Their Difficult Success: As time goes by technology has made our life easier and easier. The whole world is now available in the palm of your hand while sitting at home. In the technology-dependent life, the officials of various organizations are constantly trying to make our lives easier. But it has happened in many cases that the founders of the company have been expelled from the company for various reasons.

Sometimes the managing board of the company has been angered by their behavior, and sometimes those organizations have faced extreme losses due to the wrong decisions of those entrepreneurs. As a result, the managing directors of these companies have sometimes decided to expel the founder of the company. Today we will know about some of the world-changing entrepreneurs who have been kicked out of the companies they founded for various reasons.

Steve Jobs: The first name that comes on this list is Steve Jobs. Apple was able to reach unprecedented heights thanks to Steve’s intelligence and foresight. But Steve was very stubborn. He was often at odds with his company’s managing board. Therefore, in 1980, the managing board of the Apple company decided that Steve Jobs would never be able to handle this important responsibility because he was young and bad-tempered. So Steve was replaced by then Pepsi executive John Scully as CEO. But later Steve returned to Apple due to some disagreements.

Travis Kalanick: App cab company Uber was founded in 2009. But over the past five years, a mountain of complaints has been piling up against the Uber company. Sometimes passengers have accused drivers of sexual harassment, sometimes of theft. In 2017, Uber’s managing board asked Travis Kalanick to resign to deal with this situation. After that, Uber gradually regained the old land.

Jack Dorsey: The social networking site Twitter was founded by Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey, and Biz Stone. Jack Dorsey himself was working as the CEO of Twitter by 2006. But during his tenure as CEO of Twitter, questions began to arise about his management. By 2008, he was ousted as CEO. Seven years after this incident, however, he returned to the organization.

Mark Eberhard: Tesla and Elon Musk are like flip sides of the same coin. But the real founder of the Tesla company was Mark Eberhardt. By 2007, Elon Musk removed him from the post of CEO.

David Neeleman: JetBlue was founded by David Neeleman in 1999. But due to one of his wrong decisions, he was fired from the post of CEO. At one time in 2007, the possibility of a storm was announced in advance on the east coast of America. All flights from New York airport have been canceled but JetBlue flights are still operating. As a result of this, the passengers fell into a severe disaster. David Newman was fired as the company’s CEO for unnecessarily putting passengers at risk.

George Zimmer: Men’s Wear House is a one-stop shop for all things menswear. In 2013, founder George Zimmer himself stepped down as CEO. He complained that he wanted to warn the board members about the future of the company, but the board members were not listening to him.

A company is successful only when its managing board does not hesitate to remove its founder for the betterment of the company. In some cases these decisions were wrong but in many cases, these decisions helped the organization to move forward.


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