Sripreetham: There Is One Event In Life, The Reverberations Of Which Deepuda Still Carries: Dipendu Biswas, the once violent striker footballer of Bengal, is now on the silver screen directly from the field. As Dipendu, wearing the number 10 jersey, strode onto the field, the entire gallery erupted in chants of ‘Dipu Dipu’. Now an amazing story of the life of that Deepu ie Dipendu Biswas will unfold on the silver screen, which is unknown to people. Deependu Biswas himself will play the biggest surprise. The name of the film is ‘Deepu’. The poster of the film has already gone viral on social media. Popular composer-singer Shree Pritam is going to direct this film. The director-composer-singer-narrator of the film before the film goes on floors Shri Pritam Banerjee The Wallfaced with spoke Chaitali Dutta.

How did you transition from being a music director-singer to a cinematographer?

Growing up with the dream of becoming a music director since childhood. But before entering the world of music, there was a lot of struggle. During that time I worked as an associate director with several film directors. I was the associate director in the popular television serial ‘Police File’, followed by director Rajeev Biswas’ super duper hit film ‘Paglu’. Rajivdai is my mentor in film direction. Then all the songs of my first film ‘Vikram Singh’ which I composed became super duper hits. After that, I composed music for many films. After being in the music world for so many years, I suddenly felt that if something could be done outside of the norm, there would be music. Since I had the previous experience I thought I could direct a film. Meanwhile, I have known Dipuda for many years. And I know about several incidents in his life. He has an untold story that he still carries with him. Then it came to mind if Dipuda’s biopic can be made. There will also be unknown information. Then I expressed my desire to Duda. Many meetings have been held regarding this. Finally, he agreed to make the film.

Why were you attracted to the film about footballer Deependu Biswas?

I have watched Deepuda play since childhood at Salt Lake Stadium, Maidan. And I am his blind fan. Coming from the remote village of Basirhat and playing in three majors like East Bengal, Mohun Bagan, and Mahomedan, becoming the captain of the national team is no small feat for him. The career of footballer Deependu Biswas is truly incredible. Today Dipuda is the football secretary and manager of Mahomedan Sporting Club. As a result, his journey is quite thrilling. He used to leave home on his bicycle at half past two in the morning and used to take the train at three thirty in the morning to practice football at Kolkata Maidan. An incident happened on his way which is still unknown to people today. Even today that incident remains with Dipuda, he continues to carry it. That is the USP of this film. The incident that happened in his life about 15-20 years ago will be revealed through the film. He will act in this film.

In addition to the unknown shocking events in the life of Deependu Biswas, what other aspects of him are you showing in the film?

Deependu Biswas’s career from the beginning to his present. Both the person and the player Deependu will be captured in the film. Trying to portray the humane Deependu in the film. There is no downside.

What are the reasons behind casting Rohan Bhattacharya as Deepur?

In the story of this film, no star value will work for Deepur’s character. A sweet-natured Bengali boy full of soul full of Bengaliness who could play football was all that was needed. That’s why I cast Rohan. Rohan is the son of a lower-middle-class family Mufaswal. Rohan was once associated with Athletics and represented Bengal. Rohan also knows how to play football. I think this character will be the turning point of his acting career. And Rohan’s personal struggle will fit the character of Deepu very well.

This film is produced by Varsha Entertainment. Its producer is singer Varsha Sengupta. That’s why Varsha is chosen as the heroine.

Not at all. The story of this film is from fifteen-twenty years ago. The film contains flashbacks. I didn’t want to be as slim as the heroines are now. That’s why I wanted a fresh face. Among which there is a Bengaliyana with a charm. The look would be a bit cheeky which was required for my character. So I cast Varsha. Varsha’s character name in the film is Anjali. Maybe next time the name of the character will be changed. Anjali is Deepu’s love interest in the film.

The workshop is very important for this kind of film-

(taking away the mouth) Absolutely. The workshop must be. Any theater personality will conduct this workshop. Talks are going on about that. I cannot reveal the name of the theater personality at the moment as the name is not final. Now the pre-production work is going on in full swing. There will be workshops before the shooting of the first schedule and the second schedule. That’s what I thought. Sumit Ganguly is playing a supporting role in the film. Talks are also going on with Ashish Vidyarthi. There will also be a host of familiar faces from Tollywood. The names of the other artists of the film will be finalized by the end of November.

Is the film going to be all about sports?

no, Although the film is about sports personalities, there is plenty of room for emotion and romance. Shooting will be done in real locations. No gimmicks. Good songs will be in the film. Viewers can relate to the movie by watching it in the cinema hall. Be it a person of any profession.

Where will the shooting of the film be?

The shooting will take place in various locations in Basirhat and Kolkata in a schedule of 22-25 days. The shooting will start in January.

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