Six Tamil Nadu fishermen were injured in an attack on beach beaches allegedly by Sri Lankan pirates close to the Kodiakarai coast. According to coastal security group police, fishermen from Seruthur village in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu were attacked when they were fishing 13 nautical miles south east of the Kodiyakarai coast on Monday night. They went to sea from Kodiyakarai on 21 March.

He said 15 Sri Lankan pirates came in two high-speed small boats and attacked the Tamil fishermen with ‘iron rods’ and snatched all their valuables including their fishes, fishing nets, GPS devices and pushed them into the water. Taxes escaped. The injured fishermen struggled in the water for about an hour.

Another group of fishermen from Nagapattinam were passing by near the spot, he rescued them and brought them to the shore this morning. He said that five fishermen have been admitted to government hospitals in Nagapattinam and Vellakanni. Officers of the Fisheries Department and the CSG Police are conducting inquiries and investigations. Three days ago a group of three fishermen from Vellapallam in Nagapattinam faced a similar attack from Sri Lankan pirates.


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