Sports Bra For Men: The New Surprise Of The FIFA World Cup! Why Are Players Wearing Sports Bras, Just Style Or Science?: FIFA World Cup 2022: Another picture sees football in Qatar. Men playing sports bras? Are those bras really men’s? And why are you wearing it, or is there a technical reason behind it? Let’s find out all that.

South Korean Hwang Hee-chan wearing a sports bra on the day they beat Portugal. Photo: Twitter.

GPS Tracker Vest: He was the champion of that match. He secured South Korea’s second goal against Portugal at the last minute and earned himself a place in the recesses of fans’ minds. South Korea beat Portugal that day under his rule. South Korea’s historic win also ensured Uruguay’s exit from the knockout stage. And the master of all this, the South Korean Hwang Hee-chan stole the limelight that day by scoring a goal, his wild celebration also caught the attention of many. The story started with him in Qatar. However, there was another reason why Hee-chan was so hyped—the clothes he wore.

When Hee-chan took off his jersey during a wild Korean celebration, the Education City Stadium packed with millions of black heads was a different story. When he opened the hero of the matching jersey, his sports bra was noticed. People sitting in the gallery stare at Hee-chan. People on the other side of the screen also have a question, ‘What is a man wearing a bra?’ Apart from the goal of the day, Akoya made the world laugh by wearing a sports bra. But, it was not his style statement at all. Rather, it was a fusion of science and technology that went a few inches beyond the style statement. It is not without knowing something about sports bras.

Are there sports bras for men?

Of course, there are sports bras called ‘sports bras for men’. In sartorial parlance, it’s called a GPS tracker vest. It is more common among male footballers. This very common garment is usually worn by footballers inside the jersey. Sports bras are just as important as footwear in the modern world of football, experts say.

Why is sports bra so important for footballers?

Simply put, it’s nothing but science. GPS devices are connected to this vest, which collects the GPS data of each player. What is the use of the data? Team managers and coaches can learn how fast and how far a player ran during training and matches, with data collected by the sports bra. Coaches or team directors or other team trainers can make a player work on different elements of the known and unknown to make sure how to deal with the other side’s player. For example, USA midfielder Brendan Aaronson set a record of 13.2 km while playing for his club Leeds United, the most by a player in the English Premier League this season.

Since there is a huge amount of money involved in football, clubs and teams are also paying more attention to data analysis these days. That data is ultimately helping to understand player behavior on the field — particularly his fitness. Basically, this data is registered through statistics. For example, how often a player completes his passes, how much a player relies on his main foot to shoot, etc. All this data is combined and based on that artificial intelligence is used to create some unfavorable situations for the players. The team management does this to ensure how the player reacts to the situation.

Where exactly is this device in the vest?

Just behind the vest is a small pouch. That is where the device is placed.

Does this vest have any significant effects?

As it turns out, the collected information has helped many footballers avoid scoring goals from distance. Because earlier data analysis revealed that players were often failing to connect the ball. “If you look at any league in the world 10 years ago, the distance players took shots was much longer,” the MLS data analyst told media outlet Nature Journal. Explaining why, he added, “What’s the point of taking a shot since then, where your chances are only 2%.”

Is this vest only limited to football?

No, GPS data collection by Ehn Vest is not limited to football anymore. Nowadays, NBA teams are also resorting to this technique. NBA teams have recently changed their team strategy to attempt more extra 3-pointers. Because, the collected data suggested that certain players have high accuracy in scoring points from it.

Can anyone but professional players use it?

A company called Catapult Sports makes such vests now. Professionals involved in any sport looking to take their game to the next level, the vest manufacturer says, “arguably can use any focus.”


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