Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has attacked the opposition parties including the Congress, indirectly referring to the incident of Hathras. CM Yogi said that there is division in the DNA of some people, these people first divided the country, now they are working to divide the people. CM said that dangerous thinking has become part of his DN.

Referring to the Supreme Court’s decision on Ram temple, CM Yogi said that while the whole country was in zeal and excitement over the historic decision of the court on Ram Janmabhoomi, some people were plotting to incite riots in the state. 

During a press conference on Saturday, CM Yogi said that Uttar Pradesh conspired to incite riots in the name of caste and in the name of the sect when Uttar Pradesh works to push its laborers, laborers, workers into the Corona transition. She goes. 

Attacking the opposition parties of UP, CM Yogi said who were these people who closed the sugar mills. It needs to be identified. 

In his address, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath referred to the Japanese fever that wreaked havoc in Eastern UP and said that these are the same people during whose rule more than 50 thousand children died of Encephalitis in Eastern UP. But even once these parties did not raise their voice against it because the child who died was of poor, dalit and minority community. The Chief Minister said that the poor do not have a caste, but no other party, including SP, BSP and Congress, showed any sympathy to them. 


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