Marriage first started by getting caught in the trap of beauty and then the game of blackmailing of the bride

Special Story On Marriages: Days 31. Marriages 32 Lakhs, The Cost Is 3.75 Lakh Crores: This year’s Diwali festival will be fondly remembered by traders across the country. They were very happy as the business was going well during the festival season. They are getting ready to trade in the same range again. From the 14th of this month to the 14th of next month, a huge number of bajas will be sounded, so it is expected that business will be done in a big way. How many marriages will actually take place in this context?

How much do they cost? Let’s know the details.

Auspicious times have been decided for marriages all over the country for the next month. Around 32 lakh brides and grooms are going to celebrate the three-thorn wedding ceremony. Seven steps will be taken together. With this, a business of about 3 points seven five lakh crore rupees will be done. Marriage is not only a crop of hundred years. It is known that if you start from the dishes, you will have to do not one, not two, but a lot of challenging tasks until you make the couples one. It is needless to say that those works will cost lakhs and crores of rupees.

An organization conducted a survey in this regard. The results of that study are interesting. Out of a total of 32 lakh weddings, 5 lakh weddings will cost at least 3 lakh rupees per wedding. The number of weddings that take place on a budget of around 5 lakh rupees is revealed to be around 10 lakh. Weddings costing Rs 10 lakhs are also at the same level of Rs 10 lakhs. According to the survey report, marriages worth Rs 5 lakhs, marriages with an expenditure of Rs 50 lakhs are worth 50 thousand, and marriages costing up to one crore can be another 50 thousand.

Special Story on Marriages

For all these marriages, 3 points seven, five lakh crore rupees have to be spent like fresh water. After the end of this wedding season, there will be another wedding season from January 14 to July next year. In the current season, there are more than three and a half lakh laggards in Delhi alone. It is estimated that business of at least 75 thousand crore rupees can be done through these. At the same time last year, 25 lakh people were in one household and 3 lakh crore rupees were spent.

Despite this.. the recently concluded Diwali season saw a record level of business. Traders have engaged in their arrangements in anticipation of this sentiment continuing. Traders said that 20 percent of the total wedding cost is borne by the bride and the remaining 80 percent is borne by other third agencies. Build a house and see.. get married and see.. they say. That’s why.. they repair the house before marriage. Some people build a new house. Some people repair the existing house.

In addition.. gold, clothes, accessories, ready-made garments, bridal shoes, wedding and greeting cards, fruits, puja materials, goods, vegetables, home decoration items, current goods, and gifts. People buy all these for weddings so there is no doubt that the business is booming. Banquet halls, hotels, open lawns, community centers, public parks, farmhouses, and suitable places for weddings are prepared beautifully. Hence there is no dhoka for all types of businesses.

These are not the only ones. There is much more to be said. Wedding itself.. tent accessories, wedding chairs, wedding pots, catering service, vehicle arrangements for travel, cab services, cooks, photo and videographers, orchestra, DJ, groom and bride procession horses, lights, carts, event management, band Melam, etc. commotion is not normal. These bags have a budget to match. According to the budget, the respective weddings are wet in the mouths of relatives for ten periods.


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