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Episode begin with Flight Attendent asking Mohana what is going to you have?? Mohana says you. She change into Dayan😈and begin consuming age of attenedent, however she is stopped via way of means of Nishant .. all passangers change into Dayan even as attendent change into Reevavanshi.. all begin to combat.. Nishant all at once opens oxygen mask🎭making all dayan week via way of means of Patal Ketki.. Nishant ask Naman to leap out of Flight and I will ensure aircraft get crash. He additionally ask him to make put on locket📿 to Pia..
While Mohona ask Naman to hold infant additionally, as Reevanshi and Dayan are enemies now no longer infant. Naman convey infant and bounce off.. flight✈️ get crash..
Next Nishant pray rite is going, even as Naman makes Pia put on locket📿.
Later in NGO human beings ask Vedshree to undertake infant as he belongs to her own circle of relatives..Naman watch this..

18 years byskip via way of means of…

Ansh speaking to Vedshree, even as he experience Pia earring and preserve her, however pull away and is going..
At domestic all of us is getting ready for Pooja🙏🏻, while Pandit ji arrives, asking to maintain coconut🥥 close to Ansh, as he’s Davansh, and his stars are changing… Ansh is proven status at balcony.. vedshree is in denial mode however conform to Panditji..
Later Someone kidnapp a girl, ramola..
Everyone waits for Ansh, even as he arrives injured and begin pooja.. durga Maa music..🎶🎶🎶 even as at some point of Pooja, Piya arrives..

Vedshree Prepare of engagement of Ansh. While she meets Pia and make her meet Ansh. Ansh recollects how met her, aleven though Pia didn’t see his face.. she increase hands, however ansh is going.. pia is going to carry flowers 💐however all flip black, vedshree suppose does they grew to become black because of Ansh.. she ask pia to get fresh.. pandit ji indicates coconut🥥 additionally grew to become black, vedshree get scared and is going to carry ramola.. Vedshree locate damaged bangles and phone..

Pia inform relaxation Rathod own circle of relatives memebers that she took admission right here in Mumbai… Vedshree comes again scared pointing out Ramola is missing. They enquire Ansh, however he remains quite.. Ramola arrives as elderly antique woman, facebook indicates a dayan abducted her. Vedshree ask who did, she factors finger(Ansh and Pia each status at equal vicinity)..
Avinash says that we want to attend till Ramola come into senses. Vedshree and Shekar is going to prevent Ansh from going out, aleven though Ansh is amadant, however vedshree positioned patal ketki on him and he faints..

Pia is looking room, and is going in ansh room.. she locate Jaugu and realses it. While following it, she fall above Ansh.. she is ready to head, however because of her earring sound Ansh awak up, and determine to satisfy ramola..

Dayan attain to satisfy ramola and ramola request her to go away me, however she determine to cease leftover work.. that dayan grow to be Pia, all incidences are proven how because of her flowers💐grew to become black. She grasp Ramola and consume her left over age, even as her locket📿sparks.. Pia senses that a person is coming, even as Ansh climb on building.. Pia is going in different room and faint.. vedshree arrives and scold Ansh, however Ansh swears on her that he didn’t do something.. Vedshree ask Ansh to head. While relaxation rathors arrives and Nishant inform that she is dead. He name police.

Naman ask Ansh did he noticed, who turned into that dayan?? Ansh says no, as i didn’t see face, however anything I noticed its unbelievable.. you requested me to store ramola, however I didn’t reach anyway, neither capable of store ramola nor capable of seize dayan..
Naman says inspite being Davansh, I educated you to come to be Reevanshi, infect you stuck one hundred of creatures, however the way you failed this time?? Ansh says due to the fact that she turned into Dayan. Naman says its impossible, as all Dayan died in that crash. Ansh says no, that lengthy braid proves that dayan is alive..

All incidents display that Pia is Dayan, as Mohona did magic on Pia locket📿. Naman says if this is Dayan than she is associated with your mom, Mohona. Ansh says my mom is Vedsree handiest..

Pandit ji says that incidents show that anything occurred is executed via way of means of Ansh. Vedshree is I accept as true with on my Ansh. Pandit ji says we can’t deny truth, we want to unite Ansh with a person soon. They each see Pooja Diya🪔 on cease, Pia arrives with pooja Mouli and make baatti, and pray 🙏🏻to Mata Rani, even as once more her locket📿glows.. pandit ji says we have to get Pia-Ansh married, as she is grown with all values via way of means of gurumaa..

Vedshree ask Ansh to get married to Pia. He once more pay attention Pia’s rings sound. He suppose🤔, I handiest pay attention Pia’s rings sound, and I additionally determined her earring close to to Ramola, meaning she is dayan. Pia arrives and take Ansh to speak into Private.

Pia stroll in advance and maintain on speaking, even as Ansh suppose🤔that I don’t get it which you are dayan, and determine to place Patal Ketki on her, in order that she change into her actual face. Pia says did you stated something to own circle of relatives approximately me?? Ansh says to himself now no longer yet.

Pia turns says why Vedshree requested GuruMaa approximately our marriage?? Since you noticed me, you’re making plans to get married with me, however atleast you rememeber Ramola, she died simply now and maintain on strolling toward pool..

They each fall in pool, in addition to Pia foot maintain on Patal Ketki. She change into Dayan😈, and go with the flow in air.. ansh additionally change into davansh, however earlier than he can do something, Pia locket📿acts and he or she faint..

Somewhere in patal ketki, Mohona get concisous.. Ansh arrive in room with Pia, even as Vedshree and Shekhar scold Ansh, for Pia state.. Vedshree and Shekhar pressure Ansh to get married to Pia, even as Ansh attempt to inform them that Pia isn’t always what she looks, however Vedshree provide him her swear…

Chitali and Vedshree ask Pia approximately marriage. Pia inform that she isn’t always prepared to get married. Vedshree says please accept as true with Pandit ji and us, handiest you may store Ansh.

Though Pia continues to be in denial, however Mohona ask Pia to get married, she agrees.. Ansh nevertheless attempt to persuade own circle of relatives for now no longer to get married, however they ask him to quite.. Chaitali carry Pia, however she forgets that she agreed for marriage, complicated rathods.. Ansh throw GangaJal on Pia thinking🤔 she can be able to display her Dayan roop, however she remains human complicated ansh, facebook indicates Pia locket📿 fell of her neck..

Vedshree scold Ansh for his act, and ask Pia to get married to Ansh. Pia deny that she can be able to now no longer get married to Ansh. Everyone attempt to persuade her, however she denies once more and once more. Finally, Pandit ji inform that please get married for GuruMaa sake.

Pia and Ansh take a seat down on Mandap, while she realises approximately locket📿. She is going to carry locket, even as Ansh determine to carry her truth. Pia and Mohona get linked once more..

Chaitali suppose🤔 why Pia isn’t always coming down. Ansh attempts to head however Rathods prevent him.. later Avinash agrees.

Ansh is going to locate Pia and locate Dayan Pia.. Mohona order Pia to Kill Ansh. Pia hit Ansh tough, aleven though he maintain on improving because of his powers.
Chaitali jokes that everybody is going up and get caught. Vedshree is going to check.

Pia makes use of her braid to harm Ansh, however Ansh preserve her braid and states I shall now no longer can help you damage my own circle of relatives at any cost.. Pia and Ansh combat, Pia hit ansh tough and drop him from balcony…

Vedshree says that they each aren’t in room. Pandit ji prays seeing Moon🌕 eclispe, even as all of us search for them..

Pia preserve Ansh and begin consuming his age. Pandit ji states that Moon🌕 eclipse is ready to get over. Chaitali says so it way Villians will win over us, Mohona says sure.. Mohona enters even as in background (unique Nazar access of Mohona is proven)..

Everyone get terrified of Mohona, even as Vedshree ask how she got here again? Mohona says wait, see Ansh Condition first.. Ansh fall down..

Vedshree says why you probably did this?? Mohona says I did with Help of Pia. Pia arrives in her dayan body.. Panditji says however Pia, you daughter of Reevavanshi and disciple of GuruMaa. Pia says I am each. Shekar says however Nishat killed all dayan.
Mohona says I continually knew however earlier than that I tied my hair with Pia locket📿, so she too grew to become Dayan.. Pandit ji says prevent it Pia, you’re Reevavanshi, warring parties towards Dayan. Pia says I revel in Dayan😈 existence more..

Mohona ask to carry Ansh Blood. Vedshree says till we’re right here you may’t harm Ansh. Mohona seize rathods, and ask Pia to Bring blood of Ansh.

Pia grasp knife🔪, and complete rathod own circle of relatives ask Pia, now no longer to do something. Pia attempts however don’t get succeed. Mohona take Ansh blood and says all of us dayan will were given to dayan mela, even as relaxation will die. She ask Pia to kill relaxation human beings..

Mohona is going to Patal ketki, and says dayan gets alive who died 18 years ago. She drop blood, and make each dayan alive..

Pia says to Ansh which you stated you’ll store your own circle of relatives till ultimate breath. She is ready to kill him, however Shekar says its adharm.. Pia says dharam and adharm is for human now no longer for dayan. Nishant arrives pointing out will you kill all of us, together with me?? Everyone get shock. Nishant says, that after Mohona made all alive, I were given my existence again as well.. He ask to prevent it.. Vedshree says see Pia your father is likewise alive. Nishant says Pia even Ansh is Davansh however he pick out to live proper. You are proper why you need to pick out wrong? Pia is going to kill Ansh..

All dayan collect at vicinity for celebrating Dayan Mela. Mohona says we took 18 years to attain right here. But its proper now no-you’ll be able to prevent us. Today at purple blood moon, I will change into Maha-Dayan while Moon🌕 flash will fall on Me.

Pia stops Mohona. Mohona asks did you kill all?? Pia says sure, and taken them as trophy.. Mohona says I shall praise you, as you probably did what I can’t when you consider that many years?? Pia says your existence!!! While all of us receives up. Mohona says you cheated me.. Pia says in any case its Dayan’s nature, and I am Dayan as well..

Mohona comes to a decision to kill 🔪all of us, however Nishant arrives pointing out now no longer anymore.. Mohona order Pia to kill all of us, as you’re my slave.. Pia indicates locket FB indicates while Pia turned into seeking to Kill Ansh, Nishant broke Pia’s locket and he or she flip human and her Devi trishul mark comes again, making her Devik.. she says that I am revavnshi, and I actually have strength of love🥰, aleven though i used to be faulty via way of means of you, however now no longer anymore..

Mohona says I actually have whole Dayan😈Army, Nishant says nevertheless we are able to win..Ansh arrives pointing out aleven though dayan is with you however this davansh is towards you. Mohona says so that you are alive too!! Ansh says, sure I am alive and got here as your death.. Mohona order different dayan to kill, even as she walks toward Red blood moon.. all of us combat with dayans, however get captured.. Mohona make moon🌕rays fall on her, and begin to seize its strength.. Pia and Ansh combat however get caught over powered via way of means of dayans..

Nishant and Rathod’s inspire Pia and Ansh with Tu battle kar Parhar kar, devi maa music (from antique Nazar)..🎶🎶
Pia and Ansh unite, even as Mohona maintain on grabbing Moon powers. Nishant says if Mohona grasp complete powers she turns into Maha Dayan so that it will in no way lose, assault her now..

Pia grasp her kanjar🔪, she take again her foot steps, shout Jai ho Devi Maa ki🎶🙏🏻🙏🏻, and run toward Mohona, While Ansh assist her. She kill Mohona.. Mohona and all Dayan dies, even as Mohona says Dhoka, however I will be again soon..

Pia and Ansh hug their parents. While Vedshree ask Nishant to get Pia and Ansh Married.. Pia nods, however says Ansh have to express regret First, for throwing water💦at me.. Ansh says you have to be sorry for hurting🤕him.. Pia says I turned into now no longer in senses.. Ansh says however i used to be checking out you. Pia says I am now no longer blood which you take a look at me.. Rathod’s and Nishant ask them to mention sorry to every different, and come to be friends. They express regret, even as all of us smiles😊😊..

Episode ends.


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